Coworking Space Review: The Emery – Hallandale Beach, FL

The Emery is a coworking and social club for women in Hallandale Beach, FL. I visited in April 2018 upon the recommendation of my friend Alyson Van Stone, who is a member. Not only did I get to reunite with Alyson, but I also gained insights on her favorite workplace. Here is my experience of The Emery and how women can benefit from joining this community.

The Emery – Hallandale Beach, FL

The mission of The Emery is to eliminate the glass ceiling for women through a community of entrepreneurship, friendship, and support. As a female coworker, I am consciously aware that the majority of coworking spaces tend to skew male.

Unfortunately, sexism exists, and women can be made to feel unwelcome or excluded. In my opinion, female-friendly coworking spaces are a fantastic solution for women to support each other and gain the confidence to grow as a business person without interference from the patriarchy. Based on this premise, I had enthusiastic expectations for my coworking experience at The Emery.


Hallandale Beach, Florida is an upscale beach community between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Although on first glance, there doesn’t appear to be much, this area is a hidden gem full of amenities. The Emery is tucked away on the second floor of an industrial complex near the corner of North Federal Highway and Northeast 8th Street. There is plenty of free parking just outside the staircase and elevator. The downstairs area beneath The Emery contains several casual restaurants, including a juice bar, so I didn’t have to go far for great lunch options.


Upon entering The Emery, I felt as if I had just stepped into an upscale hotel. My first impression was no coincidence – The Emery‘s founder, Aileen Lavin, has a background in interior design. Her vision was to create a space that is as luxurious and feminine as it is professional. Hence, she wanted to create a space where women would feel inspired and uplifted, reminiscent of a boutique hotel. The attention put into every detail is stunning, and I found the placement of each furnishing to be as ergonomic as it is beautiful.


The Emery offers complimentary coffee and tea to its members. I appreciate that the staff only serves decaf in the afternoons. In the open coworking area, which I worked in, all of the tables and chairs were suitable for women of average height, myself included. One of my favorite features is the library nook and the large volume of influential non-fiction books available to members. Daily reading has been a gamechanger for me, and I was able to find plenty of valuable content, including “Becoming” by Michelle Obama.

Members also have access to quiet work rooms and a beauty bar. The Emery may be the only coworking space in the world where I can blow dry my hair and work at a quiet, feminine desk like a queen. The only downside to The Emery, in my opinion, is the limited hours of operation. The Emery is only open on weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM. Perhaps these daytime working hours promote a healthy balance, but I prefer the convenience and peace of mind that a 24/7 coworking space can offer.


I was able to sneak into The Emery with a complimentary one week pass. Monthly membership pricing begins at $299 per month, but there are also less expensive social and annual memberships available. The monthly membership plan provides unlimited coworking access, amenities, events, workshops and more. I think that this coworking space is valuable for its networking and professional training opportunities. If you are a female entrepreneur who wants to establish a business and personal relationships in South Florida, this is the place that you want to be.

Final Thoughts

As a female coworker, I was thoroughly impressed by The Emery. It is the most distinct and high-end coworking space that I have visited. With all of the amenities, events, and workshops that are available to members, I am surprised that the monthly membership is so affordable. I suspect that the popularity of The Emery will continue to rise and it will be revolutionary for women entrepreneurs in the Miami area. My coworking experience at The Emery was unforgettable in the best possible ways, and I will most definitely return here.

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