The Everything Bag – Coworkaholic’s Frequent Flyer Lifestyle Organization Guide

My favorite place in the world is my desk at The Shift (my homebase). As I’m on the road more often than not, I’ve gotten to the point where I live out of a variety of bags and luggage depending on what type of trip I’m going on. I found that searching frequent flyer packing tips were a good place to start, but that experience will teach you a few things along the way too.

A lot of bags

When Jen from Lotus Foundry helped me set up a travel lifestyle organization plan, we quickly realized that I had a lot of bags. With all the events I work on and attend that was not a surprise… Having the right bag for the occasion can come in handy and just helps make a life on the go a lot easier. Bouncing between bags though means having to move stuff around. There are a few different kits I’ve come up with that allow you to easily move similar stuff together.

The Everything Bag


This is the one bag I never leave home without! Imagine if you could pack up your favorite “everything” drawer in your home/desk in a compact way. I found this awesome bag at Wal-Mart (it’s nothing but zipper!) and overtime have figured out a nice little list of things that always come in handy:

a white fabric with colorful braided straps

And because it’s all zipper that means that in any emergency, you’ve always got some rope! You gotta be prepared! (Once an Eagle Scout, always an Eagle Scout.) Hope this can be of some value to you digital nomads and coworkaholics out there. Do you have any frequent flyer packing tips of your own? Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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