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The Importance of Electric Bikes in a Post COVID-19 World

The outbreak of Covid-19 has triggered changes in almost any industry. Due to numerous and continuously changing measures, many daily routine habits that we once had have significantly changed.

One major impact though that Covid-19 will have in a post-crisis situation will be the way we communicate with each other and the distance we keep. That means many people will reconsider taking public transport and other means of transport that involves being closely surrounded with a lot of people. In that context, the usage of electric bikes will come in handy in this situation as they will serve as commuting vehicles, allowing us to keep our distance.

Statistics have shown that more and more people are ditching their cars for electric bikes. In the past few years, electric bikes and ebike kits sales have been on the rise, and the trend is predicted to continue growing. It is now common to see people of all kinds peddling electric bikes through cities, carrying children to school, going to work or transporting cargo. 

But, is this hype for nothing, or are E-bikes set to bring a revolution to the transport sector in the near future? Will electric bikes become the future’s most preferred means of commute? Let’s find out.

1. Electric bikes allow green living

Electric bikes use rechargeable batteries for powering. Thus air pollution is lessened compared to other means of transport. In this era, where most people are more conscious about global warming and climate change, more people will be inclined to choose green living to help save the world. This makes electric bikes preferable as a main mean of transport.

2. They cut back daily expenses

Electric bikes cut daily expenses by a larger percentage. It only needs a full charge to take you several miles in a day. Cars, on the other hand, use petrol and diesel, and prices keep skyrocketing by the day.

Electric bikes are in themselves expensive. You can even get a car with half the price of one.

However, even an ordinary bicycle or mountain bicycle can be turned into an electric bike. With just some basic mechanical skills, a little assistance, and an e-bike kit, you will have yourself enjoying a ride on an electric bike. This is a savior for most people as it becomes more affordable to own one. 

Here’s a how-to video of how to install an e-bike conversion kit:

Besides, the benefits of owning an E-bike outweighs the dent they can cause in a pocket. In the near future, the cost will pay out for itself. In addition, as demand continues to rise, the cost is bound to come down in the future.

3. They allow faster commutes

We live in a busy world, where everyone is in a rush. However, with so many people owning cars and rushing to different destinations, traffic jams are inevitable. On the other hand, bike lanes are always traffic-free.

With an electric bike, you can ride long distances without feeling fatigued, or breaking a sweat. That means you can get to your destination on time and in good condition. The fact that you don’t sweat makes it a great means of transport to work or meetings as well.

Traffic jams are dreaded by many. Any means of transport that gets people to their destination fast will be a favorite for many. And an electric bicycle does just that.

4. They improve physical fitness

Staying fit is recommended for a healthy lifestyle. Many people are now aware that working out can keep numerous diseases at bay. More and more people are choosing this path to stay healthy. So it is almost natural that they will jump at every opportunity they find as long as it guarantees physical fitness.

However, getting time for working out in a busy schedule is always a hustle. How about a workout session during your commute to work or to run errands. Killing 2 birds with a single stone, right? Who wouldn’t like that?

Although electric bikes are pedal-assisted, there is some work that you put into it. It still poses an effective exercise enabler just like an ordinary bike. 

5. They are fit for anyone

The technology incorporated in the electric bike allows for easier pedaling. This means that going up a hill or incline is much easier and stress-free. In addition, peddle assist places less impact on the knees and thighs. Whether you are nursing a knee injury or a chronic disease that leaves you tired after a ride, electric bikes are a good fit for everyone. The elderly do not have to wait on other people to run errands for them, all they need is an electric bike to get moving. 


So there you have it. An electric bike allows for many more benefits compared to a car. Though they may be too heavy to carry up the stairs, or too big to fit in an elevator, posing a hurdle in their parking for most people, the benefits outweigh this. In a world that is going green and the need to decrease traffic in cities around the world, electric bikes pose a worthy alternative.

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