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The School of Travels: Rewriting Yourself by Moving Abroad

What does travel have to teach us? How does travel change us? Join host Becky Gillespie as she dives into these questions and shares travel stories from the road. The School of Travels is not just a podcast but a community where listeners can share their travel stories and get tips from fellow listeners in “The School of Travels” Facebook community.

Episode 46: Rewriting Yourself by Moving Abroad with Beat Maker Kia Orion

When Kia Orion was growing up in upstate NY, the one thing he loved more than anything else in the world was hip hop music. But, he had no idea how to make that a career. He even moved to West Philly (home of the Fresh Prince himself) and couldn’t figure out how to make it happen. After a series of retail and office jobs, Kia discovered the world of teaching online and, even though it wasn’t his passion, he figured that he could live in southeast Asia much cheaper than in the US and make it happen while continuing to work on his music. Join Kia and I in Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico for more about the creative process, moving to Asia, and making your own courses online. Kia even turns the tables and interviews me for part of this very special interview!

What We Cover in This Episode

  • How Kia made the transition from working in retail and admin in the US to living in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • The importance of giving yourself more time to work on creative projects
  • Taking what you love and making into a course by first testing viability of the project
  • The power of being able to rewrite yourself by changing your environment

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Digital Nomad Life: Top Considerations Before Setting Sail

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