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This Week In Coworking: 10/19-10/25/20

Editor’s Note: Through a partnership with Included.co, a benefits and perks platform for coworking spaces and their members, we share their take on the week’s biggest coworking stories, updates and news.

👋 Welcome to This Week In Coworking for 10/19-10/25/20!

This week we share stories about airborne infection mitigation, onboarding templates, green business awards and more.

Here’s the stories, updates, celebrations events and invites you may have missed this week in coworking….

🤯 Take a deep-dive into mitigating against airborne infections in your coworking space.

There have been ongoing discussions about whether or not COVID-19 is transferable via air particles, and if it is, how coworking spaces can best adapt their mitigation strategies to best protect their customers, visitors, staff and loved ones.

To address questions around this topic head-on I was joined by Jerome Chang, a licensed and still-practicing architect and owner of BLANKSPACES, and unanimously known as the friendliest guy in coworking.

Jerome takes a deep-dive to share a whole trove of knowledge, insights and tips for coworking spaces operators. 

👉 Check this deep-dive Q&A out here.

📹 Watch the full deep-dive conversation here.

🎧 Listen to the full conversation with live-transcriptions here.

🎂 Splash coworking turned 3!

Celebrations were had in Texas as Splash Coworking turned 3 this week. 

👉 Wish them well on twitter here.

📄 Using  Canva templates to build your onboarding documents. 

Daryn shared how an online template marketplace has now added new templates for the Canva editing platform, and some tips on how they’ll be using a set of templates to prepare onboarding documents for a coworking space.

👉 Read more about this here.

🏅 Good Coworking lands Gold Level in Green Business Certification program.

The Green Business Certification program recognizes businesses that prevent waste, incorporate recycling, and promote reuse, reduce, and composting in their business operations. Good Coworking is also the first solar-powered coworking space in the world that is focused on inclusive sustainability. It opened in 2018 and supports almost 200 members.

👉 Read more about this here.

👋 Meet Johanna, one of European coworking’s unsung stars.

Freelancers Week ran a feature on Johanna Voll, one of our fav coworking people. For years she’s been a part of the German Coworking Federation and is a co-founder of the Coworking Library. Now you’ll also find her taking part a project restoring a 300 year old brewery and selling gorgeous accessories online. 

👉 Read more about this here.

🤝 Coworking network.

We’re excited to welcome a new SleevesUp! community in Germany 🇩🇪; 16x Incuspaze communities across India 🇮🇳; and the Coworking Toronto  alliance 🇨🇦 into the global included network. 

📹 Coworking videos.

Entrelac coworking first episode of their new “Between Us” series shares tips (in French) on setting up home workspaces, inspired by coworking.

📹 Watch it here.

Industry Coworking in Florida shared a new video on ‘the gram’ showing off their beautiful space.

📹 Watch it here.

3 panelists share how their coworking companies are preparing to deal with a second COVID-19 wave.

📹 Watch it here.

💼 Coworking jobs.

Work.Life is hiring a Landlord Partnership Lead in London , UK for their Yours managed office brand. 

👉 Check this out here.

🎙 Coworking discussions.

Bernie & Zeljko chat about Life, Freelancing, Coworking and Virtual Events.

🎧 Listen to this.

Josh Coffy shares his experience buying and renovating a building, why he decided that a coworking space was best use for the building, and the “good” and “bad” surprises that he encountered on his journey.

🎧 Listen to this.

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