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These are the Top Coworking Spaces in Michigan

Every year Coworker.com hosts the Members’ Choice Awards to highlight the top coworking spaces based on the feedback of coworking space members from around the world. Last year, they announced the top 529 coworking spaces out of over 11,500 that are listed on their site.

Coworker.com Members’ Choice Awards

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Only one coworking space in each city is eligible to be named “the best”. Thanks in part to the overwhelming amount of participation in last year’s program, the Coworker team developed a new nomination, voting, and ranking process for 2019. Any coworking space that’s currently registered on Coworker was automatically one of their nominees. Voting for 2019 has already closed.

After the window for voting closed, Coworker.com determined a space’s individual score by a weighted score of:  

Percentage of members who participate

Score from the nomination results

Number of reviews on Coworker

Average Coworker.com review rating

That ensured that coworking spaces of all shapes and sizes had an equal, fair shot at winning the award for their city!

Since launching in October 2015, Coworker.com has grown to become the world’s largest platform to find & connect with coworking spaces in 163 countries, with thousands of member reviews collected.

Over 100,000 people now use Coworker.com each month to find a coworking space. All of us here on our (growing) team are excited to be part of this incredible industry and help people join the communities that will take their lives & businesses to the next level.

The Best Coworking Spaces in Michigan

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Bay City: CMURC Bay City

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Detroit: Co-Op Exchange

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Ferndale: PatchWork Collective

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Mount Clemens: The CoLABorative

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Mount Pleasant: CMURC

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Plymouth: Pastel

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Ypsilanti: The Back Office Studio

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How Can You Access These Great Coworking Spaces?

If you find a space that you love and want to regularly use, by far the best value for your money is joining as a member. If you’re a frequent traveler or a fellow coworkaholic, you might be asking how can I use spaces everywhere or wherever?

Well, brands such as WeWork and Spaces have membership packages that allow you to access hot desking in their locations worldwide. There are other apps out there like Coworker.com’s Global Pass, Deskpass, Croissant and Proximity Nomad. Think of them almost like Priority Pass for coworking…not airport lounges!

I’ve used all these apps since they have different coverage areas, based on when I’ve needed in a coworking space. 

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