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Traveling With Your Pet? Here’s What You Need to Prepare

Traveling on your own is not as easy as it used to be, let alone when you’re traveling with a pet. The TSA has changed the rules over the years and the laws for pet travel now need specific documentation and clearance. So, if you’re about to travel soon and you’re planning on taking your pet with you, here are some of the important steps that you should follow to make the process at the airport smooth.

You Need a Travel Health Certificate and Passport

These are essential documents that you’ll need to have with you if you’re flying with your pet. It’s recommended that you get two copies of the certificate because you will need one with your boarding documents to hand in and one taped to your pet’s carrier. It’s easy to get this certificate at the vet, so it would be a good chance to check on your pet’s health and make sure they’re fit for travel. Also, your veterinarian will be able to help with the details of your pet’s passport. They will have all the medical details about the vaccinations taken and the time your pet took them. Remember that anti-rabies vaccination certificates specifically shouldn’t be less than 30 days old, but no more than 12 months old.

Prepare Your ESA Letter

Luckily, the state recognizes the need for some people to have a support pet that can help calm them throughout the trip. Some people can qualify for a support animal to make their lives a lot easier, and ensure an easy and safe flight. The mental health professionals at https://therapetic.org/ affirm that you could get your approval for an ESA letter after your screening test. You’ll have to speak with a licensed therapist to show your case and ensure that you’re getting the right care and support. So, remember to have all the documents that prove the necessity of having your support animal onboard and next to your seat on the plane. 

Shop Around For a Carrier

It’s recommended that you find the perfect carrier for your pet and let it get used to being inside it before taking it on a trip. This will minimize any issues on traveling day, and your pet would be comfortable and familiar with their surroundings. It would be smart if you take them on a drive while they’re inside the carrier a couple of times; it can help them relax later on the plane. Also, this will make you feel better and less worried about your furry friend being confined in the carrier for too long.

Get a Microchip Scanner

Your pet should have a microchip with the same code as the pet’s passport. Having your own scanner is perfect because not all airports will have the same scanner that is compatible with your pet’s microchip. So, it would be great if you had this all prepared before your flight, preventing any complications that could hinder your pet’s clearance process to board the plane and enter a different country.

The Etiquette and Rules Abroad

It’s important to learn the country’s mannerisms and social customs when it comes to pets before you go. You might want to take extra care of and control over your pets so they don’t bother someone in the street or hotel. Not only would you be free to enjoy your time together, but you will also be able to keep the peace around the locals. For example, if you traveled to an exotic beach resort and you plan on taking a swim with your pet, then you should find a quiet and secluded part of the beach. It’s important because some of the locals might not feel comfortable swimming with pets in the water.

Book Flights and Hotels Early

This is important for two reasons; the first reason has to be the price of the airfare and accommodation. We all know that early booking can get you a decent deal, especially if there are pets involved. Also, you need to research and browse different hotels to read their rules and requirements when it comes to animals. So, doing this early is better than wasting time at the last minute.

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You need to prepare yourself that some countries have very strict rules when it comes to pets. It would be smart to check if the country has pet-friendly laws and familiarize yourself with the pet etiquette when you’re abroad. Try not to leave everything at the last minute; it might get too overwhelming for you. Overall, once you’ve prepared everything and packed all the essentials, you’ll enjoy every moment you have with your pet abroad.

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