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Uber Launches Rewards Program

Full Disclosure: I deleted the Uber app almost 18 months ago. Not just because I’m a #wokebro. Why?

  • The way drivers take advantage of airport trips: accept the ride, only to circle the airport and then force you to cancel, paying the fee
  • How they handle drivers who are fraudulently submitting cleaning charges
  • Issues with company culture

The list could go on.

Why Do We Love Uber?

Because it’s everywhere and now covering more and more services. You can even get Starbucks delivered. We’re living in the future, my friends. Uber is great because they are in plenty of countries where other ride share apps aren’t. While I have recently enjoyed using local options such as Kareem in UAE, Ola in India and Didi in China, Uber’s coverage and reach is unmatched.

Finally. A Rewards Program That Makes Sense

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Earning points is very simple. The more expensive services earn you higher point multipliers. 1x points on Uber Eats and Uber Pool. 3x points on Uber Black. This is easy.

The benefits prove A LOT. That those commercials with new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi actually were true. You can quickly tell that they listened and have created perks and touches that easily fix a lot of my past frustrations.

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Flexible cancellations? Yes, please. Priority Pickups at Airports? Give. Me. More! Upgrades? Price Protections? Cash Rewards? FREE UBER EATS DELIVERIES.

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Sign Up For the Uber Rewards…Waitlist

Of course. The only catch? There’s a waitlist. So…get to jumping on that STAT.

As for me? The app has been re downloaded. #sorryimnotsorry

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