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UK Ghost Cruise Ships Make for The Perfect Spooky Fall Experience

The cruising industry has taken a serious hit because of COVID-19. And it’s looking like it may take a lot more than the rid of COVID-19 for them to bounce back. But with bad situations, like this, people still manage to muster up a great deal of creativity.

If you gaze out to the English Channel from the southwest coast of the UK right now you might see something unexpected — a series of gigantic cruise ships haunting the horizon.

If you’ve ever been on a cruise before, you know that it’s constant fun all of the time. One of our favorite pre-COVID experiences was the Nomad Cruise of 2019. And casual cruising would look a lot like this – full of life, lights, music; a true party on the sea.

a cruise ship in a harbor at night

Well the same ships we’ve enjoyed countless parties on are now simply sitting, lifeless, with nowhere to go. And there’s something super eerie yet mesmerizing about it.

a cruise ship in the water

A former employee in the cruising industry, Paul Derham, decided to make use of these abandoned vessels. With his much smaller ferries, he transports people into the middle of the English Channel getting people as close as possible. For cruise addicts, missing the cruise-life, getting up close to the ghost cruises is a close second to being on the ships themselves.

Continue here for pictures of the ships and what people are saying about this spooky experience.

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