“Ultimate World Cruise” Is Basically a Year Long Luxury Coworkation

Excuse me. My jaw dropped when I saw that Viking Ocean Cruises has announced an “Ultimate World Cruise” for a total of 59 countries, 113 guided tours in 245 days. YES AND IT INCLUDES FREE UNLIMITED WIFI. This is basically the luxury coworkation of our dreams!

What’s an Ultimate World Cruise?

The idea of digital nomads banding together for a trip on the high seas is not new. Nomad Cruise has hosted close to 10 trips. The Ultimate World Cruise basically sounds like the dream come true trip for a digital nomad or location independent worker looking for a pretty awesome adventure.

a map of the world

With an itinerary including Norway, Ireland, Bermuda, Brazil, Argentina, Vietnam, India, Egypt and it’s a great way to test out the nomad life. Or perhaps enjoy a sabbatical or a year free of responsibility yet full of adventure? Imagine not having to worry about errands, chores, etc?

Yeah, but how much?

I understand that the starting price of $92,990 is a bit steep, but it’s quite easy to chip away at this price tag by planning ahead and putting into action a points and miles plan to maximize (or even manufacture) spend. You’ve got over a year to plan as departure from London isn’t until August 2019. With a little research it wasn’t hard to find some conversation rates for using Marriott Rewards points:

Viking Cruise Marriott Rewards Points

Take a moment and think about how much you’d save from not having to pay for rent, a gym membership, groceries or dining out? Or, how much could you make by renting out your condo or home while saving those other costs on top of that? If you’ve got a year to earn as many points as possible and cover any other expenses you could even end up getting paid to travel the world!

For The Less Adventurous

Fear not you commitment phobes – There are also options for 127 days from London to Los Angeles or 119 days if you go reverse (or can’t bear to handle those extra eight days) Those packages start at $45,995. Cruise-goers who book the full cruise by Dec. 31 will receive a $4,000 credit toward extra-charge shore excursions and land programs as well as a $2,000 on-board credit. If you are a frequent cruiser, you might also be eligible for business class airfare.

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