United Travel Guide Map

United’s Travel Guide Makes it Easier For You to Navigate Travel Restrictions

United has come up with a helpful tool for those beginning to resume travel. Even in the US, each state has their own travel restrictions in place. Meaning the requirements are most likely different from where you’d be coming from.

With United’s color-coded and interactive Travel Guide Map, you don’t have to do any of the intensive research. The map acts as your one-stop shop for all expectations of US travel destinations.

Simple, color-coded guide and filter options let travelers know if local restaurants and tourist attractions are open, whether mask or social distancing measures are enforced, if self-quarantining is required and more.

“We know it’s a challenge to keep up with the ever-changing list of travel restrictions, policies and regulations so we are offering a simple, easy tool that helps customers decide where to travel next, by providing the most up-to-date information on the destinations we serve, customers can compare and shop for travel with greater confidence and help them find the destinations that best fit their preferences.”

Linda Jojo, Executive Vice President for Technology and Chief Digital Officer


Here are some of the filter options you can select when using the Travel Guide:

  • Medical certificate needed (such as negative COVID test)
  • Non-essential shops open
  • Tourism accommodation open
  • Restaurants open
  • Bars and cafes open
  • Museum and heritage sites open
  • Mask in public required
  • Physical distancing required

You can access United’s Travel Guide here.

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