When you work for a company, tax time usually means getting a nice refund. Working for yourself, just getting your personal taxes done is relief enough, let alone the thought of getting rather than sending a check to the IRS. Managing your business’ tax bill is stressful enough why add additional worry over your personal return?

Tax Time – When You Need to Turn to the Experts

I learned awhile ago, the benefits of having a bookkeeper and an accounting advisor to manage my businesses. Of course it was the hard way with some late fees and penalties. When it comes to my personal taxes, for the last 8+ years, I’ve always relied on H&R Block because of their convenient online features and optional in-person review service.

The first year I used H&R Block was also the first year I had more than just a single W-2. In fact, the H&R Block in-person review helped me increase the amount of my return AND spotted issues which led me to getting a bookkeeper.

What’s Better than a Tax Refund? A Tax Refund & Bonus Miles!

Always trying my best to maximize how I earn points and miles, I was excited to see that H&R Block is currently offering bonus AAdvantage miles when you purchase one of their various online services. That’s in addition to 25% off your total! Using the American Airlines AAdvantage eShopping Portal, you’d usually earn 9 miles/$. Now, you’ll get 15 miles/$.

Using the AAdvantage eShopping Chrome extension, simply navigate to H&R Block, activate the offer and find the best tax preparation package for you!

Based on calculations, if you filed federally and in one state, using H&R Block’s Tax Pro Review, you’d earn up to 2,250 AAdvantage miles, while also saving on your bill.

The Fine Print: H&R Block / AAdvantage eShopping Bonus

Only TaxCut Premium Software products and TaxCut online products are eligible. Offer not eligible on the purchase of Microsoft Money products. In addition to products including: TaxCut Free Edition, Free File Alliance, Peace of Mind, Free File Alliance State, Peace of Mind Office Only, Ask a Tax Advisor, Approve online, ATA email, Addon print PDF or TaxCut Best of Both. Not eligible on Offline Appointment. Not eligible on TFP appointments or Tax Pro Finder. Only eligible on paid products, filings and services; excluding any free filings, products, trials or services. Not eligible on all retailer marketing subscriptions. Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on the AAdvantage eShopping site.

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