Everything You Need to Know About Premium Economy

What started back in 1991 with EVA Air’s Evergreen Class, followed in 1993 by TWA’s “Comfort Class”, Premium Economy has evolved to include a dizzying amount of names and definitions. So – what gives? What’s the difference between domestic Main Cabin Extra vs. Comfort+ compared to long haul Premium Select vs. Premium Plus? We’ve got all those answers and more…

The In’s & Out’s of Premium Economy – Miles to Go Ep. 002

Some may claim the rise of Premium Economy is what’s leading to the overall death of long haul First Class. This new offering fills the massive gap between Economy and Business Class and provides passengers the basics of more room, a little more comfort and a meal not served in a plastic container. Others offer a buy up to a “SkyCouch”. Simply put, the biggest problem is that this is all super confusing. Offering varying amenities and benefits, each carrier has a different name and definition as to what’s included. How and if you can score an upgrade can be confusing for even the most frequent of flyers.

Lucky for us, we’ve got expert Seth Miller AKA the Wandering Aramean from PaxEx.Aero on this episode of Miles to Go to walk you though the in’s and out’s of Premium Economy. In addition to some industry info, he offers his quick take on which carriers are worth the price and which ones you might want to pass on.

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