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Why August Is For Hustle Time & Not Vacation Time

If you’re bootstrapping a new business or are a first year freelancer, scrolling through social media feeds in August can suck. You’re not crazy to think that everyone is enjoying time off before the first week of September. Take for example Europe, which for the most part pretty much shuts down. Chances are you’re having to work away while all your friends are cashing in that paid vacation time. Screw that…this is why August is for Hustle Time & Not Vacation Time.

Turn FOMO into JOMO…

Even as an employee of a company, I had FOMO the first August I was employed in a 9-5, cube life gig. As most entry level Americans, I’d blown through my measly 2 weeks PTO thanks to holidays and a wedding that year. I had this idea that August was when everyone could enjoy some time off. This job, however, required a ton of work to prep for a full slate of fall events.

My boss overheard my grumbling and was quick to inform me that August was actually the WORST month to take time off. At first I thought it was just a boss being a boss attempting to make me feel better, but the more he dove into the topic, the more I realized he was right. I remember him saying “Mike…the people who are working in August are the decision makers. They’re the folks that get stuff done. They’re closing the deals that most folks think are being put off until September.”

Why August is For Hustle Time

I hated to admit it, but he was right. Ever since 2009, I’ve always planned my August to be my “Hustle Month”. For the remainder of my corporate life, August was always when I closed my biggest deals and when I got a head start on planning for Q4 (and even the next year). Now that I’m my own boss and have far more control over my schedule, I dread when I have to travel in August. (And that’s not just because of all the amateurs and families traveling.)

Sure things do get a bit slower and quieter, but that’s a good thing! Use that to your advantage: Book a meeting with someone who’s usually too busy. Get a head start on a competitor that’s got an out of office reply posted. Use that time to dive into projects that require more focus than you’re usually able to put in on a regular day. Finding this awesome video of Gary Vee cemented what my boss told me all those years ago.

As Gary says: “When everyone else is at the pool drinking rose”… Make August the month where you go “All In”. Make it your Hustle Month. You’ve still got 25 days of August to ensure that this year is “your year”. What are you gonna accomplish during your August? Tweet us your goals @thecoworkaholic!

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