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Women on the Mountain: The Ultimate Women’s Retreat for Digital Nomads

Ladies, mark the entire month of October on your calendars! Our friends at Coworking Bansko of Bulgaria are hosting an amazing retreat called Women on the Mountain. The entire purpose of this retreat is to encourage more women to join the digital nomad community. But this event is not only for digital nomads, as long as you can work remotely for a month from Bulgaria you can take part in this event. 

Coworking Bansko shared a mind boggling statistic when it comes to their coworking community:

The gender imbalance is very real. Out of about 90 members, only 31% are women while 69% are men.


So what better way to build up the digital nomad community than hosting an empowering digital nomad retreat totally led and made up entirely of women?


The Women on the Mountain Retreat

The retreat will not only earn you membership at one of the largest coworking communities in Europe, but also help you build relationships with other international digital nomads through many fun activities, conferences and speaking engagements. Plus who wouldn’t want a reason to escape to Bulgaria for a month.

The whole Women on the Mountain month (October 1st-November 1st) including coworking membership, accommodation and transfer is only €499 (about US $590). 

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You’ll need to take care of your airfare and any other expenses or activities outside of the event’s included activities.

These are the wonderful women responsible for getting this event together:

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But What About COVID-19?

Very important question. After an intensive lockdown back in March/April, Bulgaria has begun lifting restrictions. However, people in the US are unable to travel to Bulgaria at this time. But this is still a month out, so who knows what changes may be made by then? 

For those permitted to travel to Bulgaria, at the time of the retreat, Bansko life has been pretty normal in the last few months already. The city has precautions in place like wearing masks in shops. And the coworking space itself has an increased disinfection schedule and light social distancing in the coworking space.

Ready to Book Your Spot?

Check out the Women on the Mountain site for access to FAQ’S, pricing details, lists of activities and speakers, and everything else you need to know. Registration is now open!

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