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Work & Play: 21 Travel Essentials You Must Bring Along On Every Trip

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Whatever the purpose of your trip is, you probably have one or two things you always bring along with you. These are your personal travel essentials, but you may want to expand that list a bit. Adding some of these items to your list may make your travels a lot easier, whether it’s for work or pleasure. C Boarding Group shares a list of 21 travel essentials avid travelers always bring along on any trip


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If you haven’t heard already, the massive and iconic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air home is listed as a stay on AirBnb! Hosted by Will Smith, LA locals can book the spot and experience what it’s like to live like the Fresh Prince.

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How do hiring managers choose top talent when interviewing several really good candidates? The questions you choose to ask are important when picking the best candidate for a remote team. So how can you ensure you’re drawing out the top performers based on the responses you hear? Here are 4 questions that will help you separate the top performers.

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