2-for-1 Tickets on Emirates to Milan, Athens & More

The sale starting today and requiring booking two tickets on flights between Feb. 21 and Apr. 14th, lasts until midnight EST on Feb. 17th.

Flight Sales All Around

There’s been plenty of super sales going on for flights over the past days and Emirates wasn’t going to miss out. The Dubai , UAE based carrier (rated #2 in the world by Conde Nast Traveler) is offering 2-for-1 pricing on select routes in all classes.

According to online groups, sale prices on economy companion flights starts as low as $799 round-trip to Milan, $999 to Athens, $1,999 to Dubai, and $2,399 to Seychelles from its 12 U.S. hubs. (Business class flights start at around $6,599, and are included too!)

Additional destinations and prices (Based on NYC origin) include:

How to Book

There aren’t any special codes to get in on the sale, though you have to have a travel partner, as these deals are all “companion” fares. Find all of the deals—from cities like Seattle, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale/Miami, Boston, and Chicago—on Emirates’s dedicated sale site.

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