6 of the Best Family Vacation Ideas for All Ages

Gone are the days when driving the kids to the nearest beach amounted to a family vacation. Today, everyone is trying to visit the best places in the world and live their best lives. Parents are striving to plan fun-packed family trips to meet if not exceed the expectations of their loved ones. They want to share their love for travel with their little ones. They also want family vacations that don’t leave a huge hole in their pockets but still provide plenty of fun activities and excitement to fascinate kids of all ages, including parents who are still kids at heart. So, what are the best family vacation ideas for all ages? Keep reading to find out. 

1. Book a Rental Home

One of the toughest challenges that parents face when traveling with children is finding the ideal accommodation facilities. Traditional hotel rooms aren’t built with families in mind. Most of them are designed for two people, meaning you’ll have to pay for additional hotel rooms if your family is big. But by booking a good family vacation rental home, accommodation challenges are just stories you’ll be hearing from others, not you telling them. Rental homes are spacious enough and allow your family to enjoy the conveniences of a complete home.  Depending on your budget and family size, you can choose a home with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

2. Explore San Diego, California

sunset in San Diego

This sunny city in California has many exciting activities and sights for families, from theme parks to water parks to 70 miles of stunning beaches to child-friendly museums. Some of the family-attractions in this city include the globally known San Diego Zoo, Gaslamp Quarter, and Balboa Park. If you want to learn something about the history of San Diego, then you should make a stop at Historic Old Town. This area has tons of restaurants, cafes, galleries, and a variety of souvenir stores.


3. Visit a National Park to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Yellowstone National Park

National parks are undoubtedly the best destination for families. They offer you a real chance to enjoy the outdoors with the most important people in your life. Thoroughly plan for the trip, share your objectives with a park ranger, and take your family to one of the wildlife-rich national parks in the destination of your choice. Some of the national parks that should be top on your list include Rocky Mountain, Yellow Stone, and the Great Smoky Mountains.

4. Take a Myrtle Beach Vacation 

If your family loves the beach, then a trip to South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach will be a fantastic treat. With a variety of coupons and discounts across the whole area, a vacation at Myrtle Beach is an opportunity to save money. There are coupons for nearly everything, from beach resorts to attractions. A Myrtle Beach vacation is never complete without a dolphin sightseeing cruise. This enjoyable and relaxing activity offers a perfect opportunity to not only spend some quality time on the water but also to see some intelligent, fun-loving, and curious dolphins. 

5. Head to Vienna , Austria for a Free Walking and Cycling Tour

Vienna is one of the most popular and most affordable destinations for families thanks to its walkability. The city has a variety of free cycling and walking tours. In addition to that, the Vienna Pass guarantees you free access to over 60 leading attractions in the city, from museums to zoos.

6. Take a Flight to Bali, Indonesia

beach in Bali

Bali is an affordable destination for your family, especially if you can secure an inexpensive flight. The best time to visit is from April all the way to October, which is the island’s dry season. Visiting Bali during the dry season allows you to explore the beaches and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as glass-bottom boat rides, whitewater rafting, rice paddy walks, and snorkeling. The island has tons of accommodation facilities, with some leading family-friendly hotels charging as little as $23 per night.


Make your upcoming family vacation as memorable as possible with the 6 family vacation ideas highlighted in this guide.  Ensure you select a destination that’ll inspire interest in your loved ones, book an affordable yet comfortable rental home, and engage in fun activities. Most importantly, plan thoroughly and seek the input of family members.

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