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5 Things You Should Have On A Solo Trip

Traveling instills a sense of responsibility, along with providing you innumerable memories to cherish. Being one of the most exciting hobbies it fills your life with multiple stories. Travel enthusiasts often dream of exploring the unexplored on their own. Solo traveling is an act of courage, reliability, as well as endless fun. What’s even better is that it makes you accountable for the good or bad things that happen during the voyage. However, packing the essentials can be a daunting task, even for frequent travelers.  

Keep reading to know the top five things that you must not forget to pack before heading out to explore on your solo trip.

Keep The Future Secure With Travel Insurance 


As much as you believe in your survival skills, there’s always a slight chance of things going wrong. You must cover up the future troubles beforehand by getting yourself travel insurance. Travel insurance is a must to maintain salubrity in both social and financial aspects. Not only does it provide security for the future, but it also acts as an emergency financial aid when things go haywire.

If you’re someone who likes to go on a road-trip often, then the need for insurance increases two fold. Make your road journeys successful with the latest travel gear and top-notch insurance safety.


Benefits Of Travel Insurance

  • Keeps The Medical Finances Covered in case you happen to get sick or meet with an accident while exploring abroad. 
  • Non-Medical Contingencies are significantly taken care of by the insurance policies.
  • Prevents The Loss That Might Happen like cancellation of the flight. There’s no doubt in the fact that most of the travel expenses occur due to flight booking charges. 

Instant Camera To Record Memories Faster

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You wouldn’t want to miss capturing mind blowing pictures on your long-awaited alpine ascents, would you? Do justice to your voyage by capturing the lush green mountains and astounding views. Make sure to buy travel cameras with ecstatic features, better battery life, and instant print facilities. That way, you can also update your travel journals during your free time. While the professional DSLR camera turns out to be ideal for travel journeys, you can also invest in an inexpensive one with reliable features. 

Along with the camera, don’t forget to carry a sturdy selfie stick to capture yourself. Not only will this motivate you to travel more, but it also promotes a sense of self-love and responsibility in your mind. Before you pack the travel camera, make sure to consider these things.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Gather Knowledge Regarding The Image Sensors as it helps in capturing the pictures just like a professional would. 
  • Pack Only Compatible Lenses as not every lens works for professional cameras. 
  • Know The Manual Control Features as they allow you to capture pictures with better exposure, shutter speed, and visual field. 

Charge Anywhere With Universal Adaptors

universal adaptor

While traveling to another country, one thing that you must carry along is a universal travel adaptor. Different countries have variable standard plug types. The chances are that your cellphone’s charger might not possess the plug type that your hotel room has. In such situations, a world travel adaptor comes to your rescue and charges any electronic device. Along with this, every country has a specific power voltage supply. Another advantage of carrying an adaptor is that it can adjust the power supply that your device requires to that of the country’s standard voltage. 

Instead of relying on your hotel or accommodation services, it’s always better to be prepared for the worst. Invest in a good-quality world adaptor beforehand and keep it in your backpack. That way, you can easily make your solo voyage an enchanting one. 

Stay Safe With Medical Kits

medical kits

Exploring the treasures of nature often turns out quite intriguing, especially when you’re on your own. Also, it increases the chances of falls, injuries, or accidents. To keep the unwanted medical emergencies under control, you must carry a well-equipped medical kit along with the regular essentials. From the basic antiseptics to the complex antiemetics, you need to stuff your medical kit with every medication. Also, take the first aid with you in your regular travel sling always.

Basic Medical Essentials

  • Basic Medical Supplies- band-aids, cotton balls, adhesive tapes, bandages, gauze pieces, and thermometer. 
  • Disinfectants & Ointments- sanitizers, hydrogen peroxide disinfectants, antiseptic ointments, and petroleum jelly. 
  • Prescription Medications– antiemetics, antihistamines, antipyretics, antibiotics, laxatives, antacids, and analgesics. 

Maintain Hygiene With Adequate Toiletry

soap bars

Hygiene is a major issue when you’re embarking upon the antiquities of nature. During the exploration, you are likely to ignore the basic hygienic practices. What’s worse is that some travelers even forget to pack essential toiletry in their travel backpack. However, make it a point to gather enough toiletry items while going solo. That way, you can stay away from the bacterial infections and skin ailments caused by fungal origin.

Sit back and write down the essentials you require for maintaining adequate hygiene. Don’t limit yourself to the basic shampoos and soaps. Think out of the box and pack the toiletry as mentioned below.

Toiletry Items To Carry

  • Basic Cleansing Items like shampoo, soap, face wash, shower gel, and shaving cream are a must-have during the solo trips. 
  • Sun Protection & Moisturization with sunscreen containing SPF 50, body lotions, face moisturizer, hair smoother, and makeup remover. 
  • Hair Essentials like a comb, brush, hair spray, anti-heat spray, blow dryer, and hair straightener also turns out to be quite useful in keeping the hair salubrious.

Final Verdict

Travelers tend to live innumerable lives in a single one. As the travel experiences broaden, so does their mindset and perspective. There comes the point in the traveler’s life when he or she wishes to go solo and explore the unexplored. 

Solo travel is the best gift that a traveler can give to oneself. However, it also comes with certain risks and responsibilities. If there’s one thing that determines your voyage’s outcome, then that is the things you pack in the backpack.

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