Travelling the world is something that most people dream about, whether it is during a vacation or after retirement. But for those who want the freedom to travel and earn money, this article is for you. There are many options to choose from with jobs that you can do while travelling. While some of these jobs have the potential to get you a full-time income, others are only good for earning extra income to pay for rent and other necessities while travelling.  

The best thing about travel jobs, that you can do while travelling, is that you get the freedom to see the wonders of the world. If this sounds like something you want to do, we have rounded up 6 amazing jobs, that you can do while travelling, just for you. 


Travel Blogging

This is one of the most interesting travel jobs that you can do, because you get to share your travel experiences with the world while making money. The content you produce, whether it is in writing or photography, has the potential to make you good money.

By writing about travel, brands can pay you to help advertise their products, especially if they are travel related. Many travel agencies are looking for content to drive traffic to their websites.

As a travel influencer, you reach out to a wide audience on different social networks. With great writing skills and knowledge of social media marketing, you can position yourself to make a lot of money from blogging about travel

Travel Photography

The travel photography job is like travel blogging. Travel photography is travel blogging, but with pictures. With an intermediate photography skill, you can turn your photos into money by uploading them to photo sharing websites or sell them as prints.

Travel websites need your photos for use on their websites, or they can pay you to travel to tourist locations of interests. Amateur photography has become popular, so even if you have just your mobile device, you can still take amazing photos. 


Local tour guide

Showing people around tourist locations sounds like the perfect travel job for anyone who loves tourism or would like to start a tourism business. You can either work for a local tour company or you can just launch your own local tour start-up. With technology, the opportunities in the tourism industry are limitless. Whichever role you play, becoming a local tour guide is fun and allows you to learn more about the history of the place you are travelling to. 

Teach a language

You can become a language tutor while travelling. Language tutors are highly sought after, especially in the Asia region. So if you are travelling to Asia and your spoken and written English is at expert level, then you may look for English tutor gigs in your travel destination. 

Record voiceovers while travelling

Another amazing job that you can do while travelling is voiceover. Voiceover artists are needed by large companies and advertising agencies because of their great vocal skills and ability to voice act. Once you have recorded your voiceover demos, upload them to to connect with clients who need your voiceover skills. 


Volunteer jobs rarely pay for your work, but they may offer you basic amenities such as accommodation or even meals. This is a job you do if you think you have enough funds to cater to your many needs while travelling, or you just want to contribute your quota to helping humanity. But it is an amazing job to do whether or not you get paid to do it. 

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