You Can Make $50K Exploring U.S. National Parks For Michelob Ultra

Becoming a CEO truly is a dream job, but it’s not what you think. In this case, CEO stands for Chief Exploration Officer. Yes, it’s a real thing! And you’ll earn $50k plus have most of your expenses covered in the 6-month period .

Beer company, Michelob ULTRA is looking for an avid explorer willing to tour the US on the open road and visit many national parks for about 6 months. The company is looking for a content creator with a true passion for the outdoors and nature photography & videography. 

With your company issued camper van equipped with a bathroom and shower (gas is covered too), you and your partner, spouse, or dog (whomever you choose) will set out to capture photos and videos of the U.S. national parks.

camper van on the road


How Do I Know I’m Qualified to Be CEO?

There honestly aren’t too many hard qualifications.

  • You must be 21 years or older 
  • Have a valid US Driver’s License
  • Willing and able to hike through national parks and the outdoors
  • Love beer
  • Social Media or other portfolio submissions are preferred 

The Application

You have until September 30th, 2020 to apply. You can find the application and additional FAQ’S here.

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