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8 Travel Safety Tips & Precautions Amidst Coronavirus

Covid-19 has struck us hard and sabotaged our traveling plans for now. With all the regulations and restrictions imposed by the government, including border closures and flight cancellation, it is not easy to travel now. But, this catastrophe will pass soon, and the plans to visit all the beautiful places in the world will hopefully be on board again. Though this will pass, everything will not be the same as before. There will be a drastic change in the way of planning vacations after all this is over. So, here are some travel safety tips to make your journey pleasant and safe after the Coronavirus pandemic.

1. Easy cancellation policy

While planning and booking for your trip, make sure to book hotels and tickets from a reliable and trusted source. Book your hotels with easy cancellation policies so that you can cancel your reservation at any time, and get the maximum refund possible. Take a fair amount of time researching for a place before booking, as it might be challenging to get all the information regarding the cancellation policy’s details. You can also opt for trip cancellation insurance for maximum refunds. It’s okay to pay a little extra for getting a fully refundable booking. You might get a cheap booking on nonrefundable options, but they will be the wrong choice in the current scenario.

2. Travel Nearby

In this condition, it is better to take some trips nearby than taking an extended foreign trip. For that purpose, road trips are the best alternatives. It will save you from flying commercially and sharing a commonplace with other people. You will be choosing your destination and travel partners. With pristine views of the countryside to the local historical sites, there is a lot to watch, learn, and experience on a road trip. There is so much diversity within a country, which makes road trips a package of refreshment, adventure, and learning at the same time. Though these trips may feel like a breath of fresh air, a lot of planning is required to determine a comfortable and fulfilling journey. For a pleasant ride, get a roof rack basket installed on your vehicle along with a jump starter, off-road GPS, wireless car mount, etc.

3. Keep checking the WHO website

World Health Organization provides information regarding diseases, epidemic, pandemic, and healthcare facilities of every country. They have also provided guidelines for considerable precautions while traveling through different means of transport. Make sure to visit the official WHO website or another relevant official website before planning any foreign trips. This will help you know which place has the best healthcare facilities, and you will get to know about the restrictions that the country has imposed on safe travel. Also, make sure to save all the emergency numbers in case you are planning a foreign country. And, if you are still confused, you may change the destination.

4. Choose Multiple Destinations

Before making a booking, make a list of all the possible places you would like to visit. Research thoroughly about the Pandemic condition in that area, healthcare facilities, accommodation facilities, food services, etc. Make sure the destination you are choosing to visit is safe and sound for you. And, always be ready for the possibility of canceling some of the places in your travel plan. And also, keep a list of alternative traveling options like flights, trains, buses, etc., in case your ride gets canceled at the last moment. You may never know what the conditions might be at the moment.

5. Take Proper Precautions

Even after the Pandemic is over, make sure to take proper health precautions while traveling. Always carry hand sanitizers and use them whenever you touch any public object like elevator buttons or a subway’s hand rest. Avoid using public restrooms as they are not adequately disinfected. But in certain situations, try finding a single stalled and well-ventilated restroom. A virus can stay on a surface for days, so it is essential to sanitize your hands now and then. Always wear a mask and don’t touch your face. In case you find someone not wearing a mask near you, politely ask them to make a distance; if it doesn’t work, ask the flight attendant or store manager for help.

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6. Explore Less Crowded Places

In this condition, it’s better to leave mainframe traveling locations with a lot of people and visit less crowded places. For that purpose, visiting national parks, small-town or rural areas is a good option. You can also consider a seaside vacation or camping, where you can have your cottage. But make sure you travel in a small group and focus on relaxing and admiring the beauty of peaceful open spaces. Always maintain the recommended distance of 6 feet and don’t engage in group activities requiring close contact.

7. Stay Healthy

You must start working on your health and immunity before making travel plans. You should do physical exercise and yoga to build your physical and mental strength. Make sure to stay hydrated and eat healthy food to keep your body fit while on the go. Have your meals only at hygienic places with good reviews. Have meals at a proper time and follow a healthy diet plan, though you may go off a little from your diet plan, but make sure you don’t eat heavy and bulky food. Furthermore, take proper rest while traveling and take short breaks to admire the beauty of the place and give your body the required rest.

8. Wait till it’s safe

Even if you have planned your vacation with all the precautions, you never know what will happen. Coronavirus has spread to almost every country in the world. Governments of many countries are imposing restrictions over traveling, and even if you get to the country, you might have to face a two-week quarantine. So give your vacation a halt and wait till the officials declare it 100% safe to travel again.


Coronavirus pandemic will change the way we used to travel. There will be a drastic change in your travel plans. Take every precaution possible to stay safe and healthy at all times. Check for all the rules and regulations imposed by the government of that country to avoid getting in trouble and to be safe in a distant land. With some caution, these travel safety tips, and careful preparation, the trip could be much more enjoyable and remembered for many upcoming years.

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