Activities To Do Inside Your House And In Your Backyard

Spending more time at home has become the new normal. If you are not used to it, however, the days can feel dragged and time seems to have slowed down. There is so much time left on your hands and you have probably run out of ideas of things to help you stay busy. Shake things up a little for you and your family by engaging in the following fun activities that you can do in your house and in your backyard. You will be surprised how fulfilled you will feel afterwards.

Activities to do inside your house

1. Do some knitting, bead work and needle pointing

With so much time to spare, now is the time to engage in some detail-oriented activities such as knitting, needle pointing or beading. These activities do not only bring out your creative side but are also soothing and great stress relievers. Knit yourself a cozy blanket, needlepoint a beautiful image or message on your pillow, or just create some jewelry with some beads.

2. Reading

Get out that book that you have been meaning to read and start on it. You can also start a challenge with your friends where you read a book every week and then discuss it together later. Reading opens your mind up to so many ideas and places you never would have thought of.

3. Art activities

Art is another fulfilling way to spend time indoors. Set up an art corner in your house where you can paint, draw, or do water coloring among other art activities. This is a great way to clear your head, boost your mood, and relax.

4. DIY activities

There is always something in the house that needs some touching up. Identify those places that need to be repaired, repainted or reorganized and get down to it. DIY activities around the home are fun and will keep your mind occupied for a long time. In addition, you will have created a lovely environment for your family. You can involve your family members to make it even more enjoyable. Pinterest is really a great source you could use for different ideas.

5. Train your pet

If you have a pet, you probably spend most of your time inside playing together. Your pet probably knows a few tricks, knowing some more won’t hurt. Take your free time teaching your dog or cat how to roll over or grab some things. You will have a good time bonding with your furry friend.

Activities to do in your backyard

1. Biking

Biking is a great way to exercise and let out some steam. You can create a biking trail in your backyard and get out for some cycling with your family whenever the weather allows. Don’t let your injured knee or that condition you are battling keep you from joining your family in this fun activity, invest in a motorized bicycle and participate in the fun. A motorized bicycle will help you keep up with your family’s energy since you won’t tire a lot.

2. Gardening

Nothing brings a backyard to life than a vegetable garden or some flowers. Get your family some overalls and gardening tools and get down for some planting. If you don’t have a large space, you can use some old cans. Paint them with your favorite color and hang them along the fence.

3. Barbecue

Cooking outside while getting some fresh air is not only fun, but a great way to get everyone outside for some fun. Have a barbecue and spruce it up with some balloons and party cups for a complete party experience.

4. Picnic

Bring out that picnic blanket and basket out in your backyard for a picnic. Ensure the basket is filled with snacks and water, get your family some sun hats and enjoy your time together.

5. Play games

Your backyard provides a great space to play games suitable for the whole family. You can play twister with your kids. Make it more fun by adding a bubble wrap on the mat. Make large domino tiles with scrap wood and enjoy playing lawn dominos. You can also play scrabble, matching games or bug hunting.


Staying at home all day doesn’t have to be all that bad, with fun activities to do, you will find that staying at home with your family can be fulfilling and less stressful. The above activities give you a great way to spend time and bond with your family. You don’t have to do them all at once, pick an activity, one at time, from the above list and have some fun.

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