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Are You on Clubhouse? Join Ed Pizza and I to Chat About Earning Points & Miles When You’re Not Traveling

I just recently joined Clubhouse – have you heard about it? If the New York Times is writing about it, I guess it’s officially “mainstream”. It’s a new app that is a mix of podcast with live guest and listener Q&A. Or it could be considered a live stream of panel discussions. Or, maybe just a place where you and your friends can log in and chat – as if we didn’t have enough of those apps?

Join Us For a Discussion on Earning Points & Miles When Not Traveling

Ed Pizza and I have a tendency to pull each other into different projects. We’ve worked together on the Miles to Go podcast, NowBoarding, the Official BoardingArea podcast, as well as something else in the works 😉

He is my willing victim (or test subject) and has agreed to jump into a chat on Clubhouse about racking up points and miles while we’re not on the road. He and I used to be on a plane at least 1-2 times a week. He hasn’t flown since February of 2020. I haven’t flown since July 2020. But – we are still earning miles!

If you are on Clubhouse, join us here at 3:30pm EST today! (Jan 12, 2020). If you are not yet on Clubhouse – I’m sorry…it’s still “invite” only. But – you can go, download and claim your preferred user name. Shoot me a note at and LMK you want to join. As soon as I get more invites, I’ll be sure to share them – first come first served!

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