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Coworking Space Review: “Hub-in-Ubud” Hubud – Ubud, Bali

First opened in 2013, Hubud is the “OG” aka the first coworking space opened in Bali. Its name, a clever portmanteau of Hub-in-Ubud. Surrounded by rice paddies and next to the Sacred Monkey Forest, Hubud is located in the middle of Ubud. Although it’s in the center of an ever growing busy town, once you’re there, its incredibly quiet, productive and kind of magical.

Hub-in-Ubud: Coworking in Paradise

Hubud surprised me in many ways and exceeded my expectations of what all a coworking space can be. The best word I can use to describe Hubud is its an experience. More than just workspace, I created new bonds with other digital nomads. Its a place that I enjoyed working from and that really resonated with me.

During my two weeks spent coworking daily at Hubud, I encountered many unforgettable people, ideas, traditions, and monkey shenanigans. It’s an experience that I won’t soon forget.

24/7 Flexibility

Hubud offers 24/7 access coworking passes for every situation: daily, hourly, monthly, or off-peak passes. To make things sweeter, Hubud recently merged with Dojo Bali Coworking in Canggu. As a result of this merge, hourly and monthly memberships are now reciprocal at Hubud and Dojo. Member perks are also available via H-Pass and Dojo SuperPass at each location. It’s like a coworking dream come true!

Hubud’s Community + Events

Hubud holds events every week for its members. I had the pleasure of going to two events while I was in Ubud. The first was a self-publishing crash course, and the second was a new members meeting. Both events were full of great content and value, and I learned a lot.

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The self-publishing crash course was by Kevin Robert Martin, the author of Your Ticket to the Forty Acres, a guide for navigating the admissions process at University of Texas (UT) at Austin. As anyone who has attended a university in the United States would know, the application and acceptance process at large universities isn’t straightforward.

Kevin, a graduate from UT at Austin, was inspired to write his book based on his passion for mentoring people navigating challenging and uncertain transitions. After graduation, he became an admissions counselor at UT and guided many students through the procedure. Kevin decided to take his knowledge and lessons learned from the job, and the rest is history.

During his presentation, Kevin shared how his expectations of self-publishing did not match the realities of the process. In a comedic fashion, he shared with us the common pitfalls of self-publishing and the highs and lows along his journey.

Surrounded by Inspiration

Ever since I was young, I’ve pondered the idea of becoming a published author. It’s easy to get caught up in perfectionism and neglect to take the first steps forward. Kevin’s authentic take on the lengthy process of self-publishing and the happy hours combined with editing sessions made me more confident that I could take on this feat. Kevin provided a lot of truths that I needed to hear, and I am grateful to have met him.

At the new members’ event, I met a group of ten people from around the world who are making their dreams a reality. Not only did I learn about my fellow members, but also the history of Hubud, the Balinese culture, and best practices for westerners. I believe that no dream is too big, and the others inspired me to be more honest about my ambitions. Hubud’s staff, facility and members openly encourage creativity and innovation. After years of guarding myself against conventional thinkers, I’ve found my idea “safe space”!

Coworking at Hubud

There are three main coworking areas at Hubud: The indoor coworking area, the outside coworking area, and The Loft. The indoor and outdoor coworking areas are adjacent on the main floor. The Loft, otherwise known as the unicorn slippers zone, is the quiet, air-conditioned upstairs area at Hubud.

I prefer to work in The Loft most of the time because I love my air conditioning and I dislike monkey drama. However, the other areas are great for socializing in the shade. Plus, there’s always a staff member around to shoo those mischievous monkeys away from your laptop.

Is This a Digital Nomad Mecca?

Hubud is more than just a coworking space – its a community of location independent entrepreneurs from around the world. Hubud hosts a variety of events, programs, and retreats every year. From corporate retreats to female empowerment to entrepreneur nights, Hubud has something for everyone. The offerings that this coworking space has for connecting and enriching aspiring and established entrepreneurs are quite impressive. Although the coliving villa is off-site, Hubud is working on an on-site villa and provides complimentary transportation to the coworking space for the time being.


Because Ubud is a town full of tourists, is easy to feel alone outside the company of coworkers. On the contrary, if you enjoy an active social life, Canggu, a beach town in Bali, is probably for you. In my opinion, Hubud provides a supportive network and fantastic environment for anyone in Bali.

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