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Coworking Space Review: Outpost Ubud – Ubud, Bali

While I’ve been exploring the digital nomad life in Bali, I’ve had the opportunity to visit two Outpost coworking locations. Outpost is a network of coliving, coworking and social spaces with three locations: Outpost Ubud, Outpost Canggu, and Outpost Cambodia.

Outpost Ubud is the flagship and largest location, with two floors of coworking space and a conference room. I spent an entire day working from Outpost Ubud, and in this post, I’ve collected my thoughts about this place. I visited the Outpost Ubud and Outpost Canggu to see for myself if the reviews were accurate. In short, I enjoyed every coworking minute, and I find it stylish and classy without being overdone.

Finding Some Peace & Quiet in Bali

Before I came to Southeast Asia, I had no experience riding a scooter. If you’re anything like me, it takes time to learn scooter riding, but once you learn it makes all of the difference. You’ll find that the best treasures in Bali are hidden a scooter drive away– Outpost Ubud is no different. It’s a few minutes outside of the town center, and as a result, it’s in a more peaceful area with fewer tourists. Although one cannot escape tourism in Bali, it was nice to get out of the crowded areas for a change.

Coworking at Outpost Ubud

There are two coworking areas at Outpost Ubud – An open coworking area upstairs and a quiet coworking area downstairs. The atmosphere is bright, the noise level is low, and the WiFi is fast. My only complaint is that many of the chairs are not height adjustable. As a person with short legs, finding an ergonomic workspace is the bane of my existence. Besides that, the workplace itself was spectacular with all that I needed.

My favorite thing about coworking spaces, I must admit, is meeting new people. Coworking members are fascinating people, and I love hearing their stories. On this particular day, it was a hectic day for me, and I accidentally left my laptop charger at my guesthouse (Oops!). Thankfully Mac lovers are generous, and I sat next to coworkers with chargers all day long and made new acquaintances as a result.


Sometimes, my busy schedule can get in the way of eating. Thankfully, Outpost has created a fantastic solution for food delivery in its coworking space using the Slack group. In the Outpost Slack group, members can order food from their restaurant, The Green Window Cafe, and have it delivered to their work station. Although I don’t recommend habitually eating and coworking, I am glad that the option is available.

I am a very picky eater, and I was incredibly pleased with the offerings at the Green Window Cafe. Although Outpost isn’t over the top with amenities, they provide water, coffee and anything else that is essential. They have a microwave, a refrigerator, and even a hot plate. I’d be hard pressed to find time to cook during my work day, but for the cooks of the world, Outpost has you covered!

To Cowork or Not To Cowork?

Overall, I highly recommend Outpost Asia. If you’re in Bali, and you want an alternative to Hubud, Outpost Ubud is the place to go. For a price of $190 (USD) per month, it is slightly less expensive than nearby spaces such as Hubud. and offers overall good value for the price. Have you visited Outpost Asia or do you want to go? Let us know in the comments section!

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