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Coworking Space Review: Brainbox – Miami, FL

Brainbox is one of the newer coworking spaces in Miami FL. While visiting Miami last month, I discovered Brainbox on Deskpass and booked a day pass (see my LAB Miami review to learn more about booking on Deskpass). After reviewing images and testimonials of Brainbox, I thought it looked promising. However, just like a book, you can’t judge it by it’s “cover”…

Brainbox Coworking – Miami, FL

Brainbox is on the edge of the Wynwood Art District. I was less familiar with this area, and the building itself looked decrepit from the outside. I was pleasantly surprised by the well-furnished interior of the coworking space given the looks of the exterior. They opened their doors in 2018, and are quickly expanding the current location.

There are few restaurants within walking distance, so all food must be delivered. Parking across the street is free of charge, but parking on the side adjacent to Brainbox costs an hourly fee. I was fortunate enough to arrive early and forgo the paid parking altogether.

Coworking at Brainbox

In my experience, it takes a little while for a coworking space to master its operations. If you want a seamless coworking experience, I strongly recommend using a space with a proven track record of high quality. I give this disclaimer so that I can fairly and objectively describe my coworking experience at Brainbox. Currently, Brainbox doesn’t have a front desk, and unlike my other experiences using Deskpass, their staff didn’t greet me, nor was there an offer for a tour. As a result, I had a negative experience at Brainbox, and I did not return for a second visit.

One issue I had during my initial visit was working in a tight space. The open seating area is limited to eight seats, hence why Brainbox is in the process of expanding a seating area into the neighboring office unit. I found this arrangement to be very cramped and full of interruptions. The chairs in the coworking area were plastic and moderately comfortable. There’s a bar type desk in the entrance area, which is great if you want to stand, but the stools are uncomfortable for long-term sitting.


On a positive note, the WiFi speeds at Brainbox are phenomenal. For snacking, they offer a variety of healthy complimentary options. Despite the fact that Brainbox provides snacks and water, this is not the case when it comes to coffee. The staff informed me that Brainbox does not offer provide coffee to its members, only the machines to prepare it. They offer a traditional coffee brewer and a Nespresso machine. Coffee is traditionally a given when visiting a coworking space. Because of that I wouldn’t have expected to have to travel with beans or Nespresso pods. Unfortunately this is a major strike against them.


Memberships at Brainbox begin at $250 for a hot desk. Dedicated desk, virtual office, and private suite monthly memberships are also available. At this time, the Brainbox community is small and offers a limited number of member events.

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Most of the members are small business owners from the surrounding community. In terms of overall value, I think one would be better off spending $49-$50 more per month to be members of The Büro Midtown or the LAB Miami, which are both one mile or less away from Brainbox and offer significantly better experiences.

Final Verdict

It will be interesting to see how the Brainbox will evolve and brand itself in the upcoming years. Right now, I can’t vouch for using this location as a go-to coworking space, simply because it is not up to par with my expectations for standards. Before they start to expand, Brainbox should work on its customer service and provide the amenities it advertises. Although I admire the interior design at Brainbox, the function of the space is compromised. I’m hoping that in the future, Brainbox will improve its offerings to accommodate a broad range of coworkers.

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