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Deskpass Announces New Safety Measures as Network of Coworking Spaces Begin to Reopen

Deskpass announced a new safety program as states across the country begin to fully reopen. These safety measures are in effect for coworking spaces in 13 cities that have reopened within the Deskpass’ network. Cities include Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Orange County, Orlando , San Diego and Tampa.

Another new feature is the Deskpass app now allows members to filter through the 500+ available coworking spaces to specifically show locations that are woman-owned, BIPOC-owned or both. Just another reason why Coworkaholics love Deskpass!

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So let’s talk safety while coworking with Deskpass

Deskpass’ COVID-19 Safety Pledge Program is completely voluntary. To receive a safety badge, there are two tiers of both requirements and recommendations for coworking spaces.

Requirements of Spaces to Qualify for Tier 1:

  • All employees and visitors must wear face masks
  • Spaces must post signage to allow members to navigate amenities safely
  • Maintain six feet of distance between workstations
  • Must provide safe food and beverage service
  • Touchless dispensers and dishwashing machines
  • Provide hand sanitizer for staff and members
  • Twice-a-day cleaning and disinfecting of all common surfaces

To complete Tier 1, coworking spaces must have a clear plan in place for handling emergencies such as COVID-19 outbreaks, staff shortages and loss of health and safety services.

Tier 2 Recommendations (not required yet recommended):

  • Post a cleaning and disinfecting schedule on site
  • Change HVAC filters more frequently and allowing fresh air to circulate when possible
  • Daily disinfection of all soft furniture
  • Offer COVID-19 preparedness training to staff and members
  • Provide disposable workspace covers or disinfecting wipes at each workstation
  • Install dividers or shields between workstations to limit air flow

Coworking spaces that meet Tier 1 requirements are awarded a Safe Space badge on the Deskpass app. So members receive this alert and can access safety precautions on the space’s profile page.

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“In order to do our part to halt the spread of the coronavirus, we took steps to protect members, including proactively pausing reservations and launching the Deskpass Online Community to give members a place to connect and share resources and ideas. We also began hosting virtual events to help keep members engaged, motivated and productive while working from home.”

Nicole Vasquez, Deskpass Cofounder and Chief Community Officer

Still not a Deskpass Member? It’s Never too Late

There’s such a wide variety of spaces (over 500 of them!) in 20 cities throughout the US. With a global pandemic still in full effect, remote work is taking the world by storm. With Deskpass you have the ability to leave home and work in a safe, fun, and inviting space.

We wanted a simple and awesome way to share the power of coworking, introduce great spaces and help lovely people meet as many other lovely people as possible.

Sam Rosen, Co-Founder

More spaces are still in the process of reopening. Announcements of newly opened cities will be made on the company’s blog at blog.deskpass.com.

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