Coworkaholic Hustle

Yesterday, June 20th, was World Productivity Day. There’s no better way for us to honor the day than highlighting how Coworkaholics stay productive. And that is by working in coworking spaces. During the earlier days of the coronavirus, we had to get creative and bring work productivity to our very own homes. It was hard, but we made it happen. Well, with states reopening, coworking spaces are starting to as well. That means we can start coworking again, but in a safer way of course.

Companies like Deskpass are using this opportunity to establish trust with both seasoned and brand new remote workers of America. With new safety measures, these spaces can continue to be used and safe during a global pandemic. CNBC projects that coworking will continue to be on the rise in the next decade, especially post pandemic. So even if companies decide to close down their physical office locations, people can still have the opportunity to connect with others, get their work done, and be safe at the same time.

Coworkaholic Communication

Still trying to get used to the world of remote work? We get it, it can even be tough for us sometimes too. But what shouldn’t be tough, is maintaining good communication and relationships with your team. Forbes has an easy solution to this – through storytelling. Storytelling is a great way for people to connect and establish great trust. These are all important – especially now.

Coworkaholic Parties?

Yes, you read that right – Coworkaholic parties. So no, we’re not hosting any parties right now, but we’ve found a great idea that you may want to use the next time there’s a virtual company meeting. We’ve heard of Zoom Happy Hours and while those are fun, it’s kinda so two months ago… But have you ever heard of a PowerPoint Party? These can be whatever you want them to be – fun, educational, irreverent, etc. It’s time to put a PowerPoint Party on the team’s calendar.

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