Scandinavia is a northern region of Europe that encompasses the countries in the Scandinavian Peninsula. This peninsula is comprised of the countries of Norway and Sweden. The nearby countries like Denmark and Finland, it also includes Iceland, although not in the peninsula is considered part of the region.

An important part of traveling is packing your bag for the trip. We often see a lot of travelers focusing on fashion, comfort, and an arm’s reach of their essentials. The downside of this practice is that they’ll be out there lugging around their entire wardrobe. A wise traveler always packs things that are essential to their trip. Having the right luggage also matters, it recommended investing in hardshell cases to protect your devices and valuables.

There are a lot of brands that sell these types of luggage so it’ll worthwhile for you to know which ones would best suit you and your destination. Traveling to Scandinavia will be influenced by the season of your travel. It’ll be cloudy and rainy during the summer and autumn. However, the sun will make the place pleasantly warm and nice. Here are some things you’d want to pack when you visit Scandinavia in the summer:

Shirts and Pants

You can wear loose pants and sandals during this time when the sun is out. At night you can dress up without wearing too many layers.

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

These are essentials that you’ll need when you’re out and about in the region. You’d want to avoid being burnt and avoid insect bites at night.

Warm Layers

These layers include a cardigan, light coat, scarf, and socks. This is advisable when you’re in town and enjoying a stroll in the afternoon or in the evening.

Wet Weather Clothing

You’d want to bring a rain jacket and waterproof boots. It is also recommended to keep your gear for rainy days away from the rest of your luggage so that it’ll be easy to take out and carry.

An Eye Mask

In this part of the globe, the sun might stay up even up to late at night. So if you’re not used to sleeping with the lights on then it would be wise to bring an eye mask.


It is important to note that the temperature all over Scandinavia from December through March will reach below zero. So here are some ideas on what to pack when you’re there during those months:


Bring clothes that you can easily layer to keep you warm. In spring the weather can vary at times so it would be better if you can easily adjust your wardrobe easily.

Thermal Clothing

You’ll have to bring clothes with sleeves, thermal clothing, jackets, compression pants, and socks. It is suitable to have clothes that can keep itself and you dry when you’re out.

Sunscreen and Sunglasses

If you’re up in snowy areas or up in the mountains with minimal shade always wear sunscreen and sunglasses. You can’t feel the heat because of the air but the sun will still damage your skin and eyes if you’re out long enough.


The cold wind might be dry so it’s better to keep yourself moisturized. Lip balm is also advised to keep your lips from cracking. 

Eye mask and Earmuffs

The cold wind might be uncomfortable if you’re not used to it so to sleep soundly you’ll need the eye mask and the earmuffs.

Additional Travel Tips

Choose your wardrobe that would be good for the coldest place you’ll visit. If you’re planning to walk or do a lot of outdoor activities, having comfortable footwear is advisable as well. All of these things you’ll have to carry around with you so it’s always wise to pack wisely so as to keep track of your valuables and have the essentials within reach when you need them.

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