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How Your Office Design And Décor Can Win Or Lose Clients

Office décor and design is probably the most ignored aspect in most organizations. This is because most people don’t think that it has a part to play when it comes to winning or losing clients.

Just as you would present yourself to a client, your office presentation tells a lot about you and your business to the people visiting. If you are to make a lasting impression on the clients, you need to adopt design and décor in your office that portrays your business in a positive light. It should reflect your business culture and core values and bring out your brand personality depending on your niche.

That being said, these are ways that the office décor and design win or lose clients for your business.


1. Specific accommodations

The truth is that your business will receive different kinds of people. If you are to win over all of them, then you need to be accommodate every one of them especially the minority. This may be the elderly or people living with disabilities. If you have to climb a flight of stairs from the reception to the boss’ office, a lack of wheelchair ramp shows that people who can’t take the stairs aren’t welcome to the office. Same goes for a grab rail for the elderly.


While it may be expensive to install a wheelchair ramp or an elevator in the office, there are other ways to make such clients feel welcome. For instance, you can have a room downstairs for entertaining guests. That will eliminate the need to use a wheelchair ramp to the clients who need it.

2. Room functionalities

Imagine visiting a bathroom in an office only to find out that it is out of order or not functioning at all. This is one thing that can leave you with a bad memory of the place for days on end. Your clients may want to use the office shower when they visit your office. If you want to win them over and do business with them, it is important to ensure that simple things such as these don’t embarrass your business. Constantly monitor the functionality of the washrooms and showers. If you notice a problem, ensure that it is repaired as soon as possible. If it is persistent, consider a shower replacement to provide a lasting solution.

3. Build Collaborative Spaces

Collaborative spaces are a great way of creating a wowing effect for your clients. Apart from being a great place where workers can work together and share insights that lead to potential new business ideas and innovations, they also create a great first impression for your clients within your company you have a culture of trust, collaboration and teamwork. However, it is important to keep that collaborative spirit all the time and provide them all the tools necessary so they can transfer files, for example via zip file opener, or provide them a tool to help them better manage their tasks and duties.

4. First impressions

They say that a first impression lasts forever. Moreover, it is this first impression that will determine if a person will do business with you, or will vanish as soon as your business meeting is done. If your office décor is dull and gloomy at first sight for most people, it can be a huge undoing in winning clients. As said earlier, office décor reflects who you are. If it is not inviting, it could as well mean that you are difficult to deal with.

While your office décor allows you to play with your own rules, it is important that you create a welcoming atmosphere in the office. In as much as possible, let people meet a vibrant, warm and soothing aura the first thing when they set their feet in your workspace.

5. Furniture layout

Furniture arrangement also plays a huge role in how clients perceive your office. Imagine how you would feel if you visited an office only to be served when standing while the one you are meeting is seated. Alternatively, you are given a seat, but you can’t see anything on the screen during the presentation.

Adopting a unique and comfortable sitting arrangement is good in a workspace if you want to spark conversations among employees. While you do this, however, consider the clients who come to see these employees. For starters, ensure that there are enough seats that visitors can use at any given time. If your clients have to wait to be served, ensure the arrangement of their seats allows them to focus on interesting things rather than the back of the computer. It could be a beautiful wall hanging or a beautiful view from the window. If you have to do a presentation, ensure that your client can clearly see whatever is being shown.


Achieving an office design and décor that can impress business visitors can be a challenge. However, if you want to keep winning clients, you will make all efforts to achieve this. Consider hiring a professional to help you in this aspect.

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