Intention. It Matters.

A dear friend once told me “The Universe will continue teaching you a lesson until you learn and grow from it.” What he forgot to mention was that “growing from it” is another way of saying: changing your behavior! Well, I’ve always been a bit slow on the uptake so I’m not surprised that it took me a while for the “A HA” moment tied to the lesson on intention.

In the middle of 2017 I was THRILLED that my business partner at AgoraRDM, Tiffanie and I would be launching a coworking initiative with The Second City. This was going to be the project that was the game changer…the one where we’d have this amazing success and get new clients and opportunities and everything would be puppies and rainbows. Even more so when we made it in the Chicago Tribune!

Well…I was wrong. Ok, so the project went just fine (and it still is…) and has been plenty fun to work on, but the phones didn’t ring; the email inbox wasn’t flooded; the long line of new projects never appeared. What did happen? Everyone else got great response. The Second City & Deskpass…but not us…the ones that actually came up with the idea. Hmm….

It took speaking at Nomad Summit 2017 (an experience I can only describe as life changing) to teach me the rest of the lesson on intention. Sure I was nervous, but I had spoken to a large audience before – that wasn’t new. What was new was the reason why I was speaking. In the past it had been for professional purposes, and while I’d get a few compliments I never experienced that electric connection I’ve had as an audience member with speakers before. This time? It was like lightning struck.

There was a line of people waiting to chat with me after the end of the day, my inbox was flooded with messages and three months later I’m still hearing from people! WHY? Why was this time so different? And then it hit me. When I took that stage I wasn’t doing so to get a new client or to impress the audience with my knowledge. I did so to share my story, lessons learned and get the attendees to understand the loneliness of entrepreneurship and the benefits of coworking.

My intention was pure; it was properly aligned and it was absolute magic. Since that day I learned my lesson and have grown to understand that now, before I do anything, I ask myself: WHY? What is my intention for this and/or does it align with the intention of others?

The lesson was cemented while listening to Ep. 2 of the Making Oprah podcast… So, next time you are thinking about doing something…stop and ask yourself…what is your intention?

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