Finally! A reward program that doesn’t require applying for a new credit card. We’ve introduced AAdvantage to you before – an amazing online shopping portal that gets you flight miles in a jif! Well, now there’s an even easier way to gain these miles and that is with their completely free to sign up program – SimplyMiles. All it takes to join is an AAdvantage account number and a Mastercard. If you have both of these, then you have found the easiest way to earn flight miles.

How to join AAdvantage SimplyMiles in three steps

What is SimplyMiles?

SimplyMiles is a new way to earn American Airlines AAdvantage miles by shopping. You simply join with your AAdvantage account number and then insert your Mastercard number (it doesn’t cost anything, this just makes it easier to apply the offers when shopping). There are a number of offers you can activate on your card, a few include stores and restaurants like Best Buy, Yard House, CVS, etc. If you have AAdvantage, then you know that miles are applied when you shop online and have the AAdvantage extension installed. With SimplyMiles, the extension is no longer necessary. Your Mastercard is now the gateway to earning miles.

Eight examples of mileage offers on SimplyMiles

How it Works

Once you activate an offer you can either shop online or in-store. Then the miles are applied directly to your account after your purchase meets the offer’s requirements. If that doesn’t sound like the easiest way to earn flight miles, then we don’t know what does.

A step-by-step of how you earn flight miles through SimplyMiles

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