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Introducing the New Coworkaholic

UPDATE: In February 2019, Coworkaholic joined BoardingArea, home to some of the biggest and best travel blogs in the world.

“What’s the Deal with Coworkaholic?”

“What’s the deal with Coworkaholic?” That’s the only question I get asked more often than “What do you do?”. I think that now since I’ve been a freelancing, solopreneur-ing, contractor/consultant since 2012 most people get that. Imagine a making a full time job out of side hustles: producing events in Bali, publishing podcasts on travel, facilitating sales trainings or even opening a coworking space in Dubai…I know I’m a lucky son-of-a-gun.

Well, Coworkaholic started as a total and complete random idea – in fact someone introduced me as one at an event and the nickname stuck – and it’s changed a lot over the last 3+ years so it’s only fair that people ask what the deal was. (Especially since yes, the old site was totally and completely lost & the URL was ALMOST lost when I learned a major lesson about paying attention to WP hosting/backup and domain hosting.)

The deal is that Coworkaholic, the website that started in 2015, was to be a source of news for the coworking and shared workspace industry. That was a bad idea. First off, there are plenty of other options out there for those who are interested in that type of content. Second off, it wasn’t an action in alignment with proper intention. The details of what originally motivated and inspired me to create the Coworkaholic site don’t matter; what does is that I realized it wasn’t working.

I was driven to publish the “old” Coworkaholic to prove to people something I didn’t need to, in order to compete in a market I didn’t even really want to. It lead me to make decisions with cloudy judgement, engage with others who also didn’t have pure intentions and ended up with a dead site, bruised reputation, debt and a bit more that I can’t quite discuss yet.

Anyway, I’ve since learned my lesson as it relates to intention (while speaking at Nomad Summit 2018) and I’m proud to introduce y’all to the NEW (and improved) Coworkaholic.

A New Chapter

We’ve gotten rid of the gossipy industry “news” and naval gazing “views” and replaced that with content for the coworking user! Imagine that – less talking about the coworking spaces users and more talking TO coworking space users. Whether or not you’re coworking member…If you’re a freelancer, or a digital nomad or the founder of a startup or owner of a SMB, I bet we’ve struggled through similar issues while working remotely and for oneself.

If you’ve struggled, chances are others have too…starting a business isn’t easy! It’s even harder when you’re doing it on your own or remotely (worst of if at home). Not everyone is a naturally born CEO…or a CFO…or a COO. Plenty of us have made mistakes that others can learn from (such as working from Starbucks) and as long as there are still people actively going to cafes to work, we know we’ll have a job to do.

We’ll be publishing editorials/opinion pieces, space reviews, profiles of people in and around coworking, guides on travel and even on gear that makes life at home or at work easier. Lastly, I hope we can also become a well respected curator of events of interest to this audience, whether you’re looking for a coworkation or a seminar.

What’s to Come?

We’ve got a backlog of some awesome content that you’ll start seeing populate the site and our social media channels. And for those of you who know me, there’s some other exciting things in store as well…? ? ?

So, if you’d like to contribute content, or partner on a project, promote your event, submit a review, give us feedback, tell us you love it or you hate it…whatever it be: we’d love to hear from you at hello@coworkaholic.com.

Stay Calm and Cowork On,

— Mike

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