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Nomad Coliving, Montreal’s First Coliving Space, Makes It’s Debut

A lot of people totally “get” coworking…let alone are hopping on the hottest trend in real estate. It’s easy to wrap your head around the idea of sharing office space. Coliving however? When you’re sharing your personal space, bathrooms or maybe paying $1,200 for a bunkbed, some may back away, rather than lean into the idea. Coliving comes in so many shapes and forms that it’s easy to confuse it between hostels, guest houses, couch surfing, airbnbs and the like.

What is Coliving?

Over the last 18 months or so, I’ve seen a general trend in overall discussion about shared spaces. Less and less people are asking me “What is Coworking?” and more are talking about coliving/combo coworking-accommodations/remote work destination packages. Basically as more people experience working remote, they look for new destinations. Just like Starbucks made it socially acceptable to spend $5 on a latte and WeWork made it “hip” to share office space, “Coliving” is a direct result of the “uberification” of society.

If I can book office space on an app, and I can book hotels, hostels or airbnb listings on an app, why not book month to month (private or shared) accommodations the same way? There’s an innocence in the thought process. Yet, it’s the simplification that makes it so hard to adequately describe.

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PodShare Coliving

Sure, it’s like a dorm, but for adults. It’s not a hotel by any means. Yet there’s the community/interaction of a hostel without the stereotypical downsides of such a cheap or sketchy accommodation. Amenities are similar to that of an airbnb but without the challenges of secure and guaranteed access, maintenance issues or ghost hosts.

The Best of All Worlds

I’ve experienced my fair share of coliving spaces. From single locations to new brands like Selina, that are expanding like wildfire, the more I see the more I like. Not only is it economical (maximizing my buying power) but also I’m able to reduce some of the stressful elements of travel planning from my to-do list. When I show up, I know that I’ve got a place to stay, a place to work and there will be some folks there to interact with.

Will we all become lifelong friends? No, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work, learn, grow and explore all while enjoying some company. Staying at a coliving space is also like having a constantly updating, living, breathing guide book. Sure you can check out Foursquare, Yelp or Google Reviews but nothing beats an in person recommendation.

Nomad Coliving – Montreal, Quebec

Nomad Coliving in Montreal, Quebec has recently opened and will be celebrating by hosting a Digital Nomad Conference on Friday August 2, 2019.

The first of it’s kind in Montreal, Nomad Coliving is a pilot project lead by Octo D and a local Montreal based digital nomad group. As part of the accommodation, the property is for local and international entrepreneurs, freelancers and remote workers looking for flexible housing options.

Accommodation to digital nomads are available from one to six months. Residents are selected through an application process. While most rooms are already on a waiting list, there are still a few blocks of availability for single regular rooms. Anything past late Fall 2019 appears booked. Prices vary based on what room type you prefer.

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Located close to downtown, Nomad Coliving is within walking distance to the Papineau Metro station (green line) and just around the corner from La Fontaine Park. The neighborhood also has a vibrant community featuring bikeshare stations, local grocery, bakery and pharmacies and plenty of bars and cafes. The 4,000 SF building has three floors which house renovated options with four deluxe double rooms with private bath and four deluxe single rooms with shared bath. There are at this time, six additional single “regular” rooms that all share bathrooms. In double rooms, should an additional person be joining you, the cost is $200/mo extra.

Amenities at Nomad Coliving

Prices include fully furnished rooms and all utilities. Added benefits and amenities include:

  • Curated community of remote workers and digital nomads
  • Community events and programming

Common spaces include:

  • Fully equipped kitchen and dining space
  • Coworking space with printer and a projector
  • Skype room
  • Chill room
  • Laundry room

Basics and essentials that are not always provided by hotels or airbnbs include:

  • Eco-friendly soaps, shampoos and detergents
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Pantry basics such as spices, oils and staples like flour, salt, etc
  • Cleaning services on a rotating/occasional basis
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Join Us August 2nd for the Montreal Digital Nomad Conference

I’ll be in Montreal to check out Nomad Coliving and to speak on how to travel the world for (almost) free on points and miles. Join us as we bring together remote professionals from Montreal and around the world to share our passions about digital nomadism, freelancing, and location independence.

Hosted by Nomad Coliving and Digital Nomads Montreal, this conference will feature workshops, meetups and networking. This event is for established digital nomads, those curious about how to get started, and everyone in-between.

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