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20% Off Accommodation Booking Fee at Spotahome

Booking online holiday rentals through sites like Airbnb or VRBO offer a great alternative to hotels. Sure, they can be affordable, but if you’re booking for longer than a month, listings tend to get a bit pricy. Spotahome has a similar business model, but specializes on finding you a home for stays of a minimum of 30 days.

The Spotahome Difference

Spotahome was founded by digital nomads and expats who have lived all over the world. They’ve experienced first hand the hurdles and pitfalls of the need to rent a home, wherever you happen to be. They fill the gap that most digital nomads fall into. Customers no longer have to choose between signing a 12 month lease or booking a two week holiday rental.

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They offer a booking platform that includes apartments, rooms, studios and student residences. Their team inspects every property, providing photos, floor plans, high def videos and info on the neighborhood.

One of the downsides with booking a holiday rental through a site like Airbnb is the lack of consumer protection. There’s plenty of horror stories out there about horrible properties, unsafe conditions or last minute cancellations. Sure, Airbnb will refund you if a host cancels, but that doesn’t really help if you’re left with no place to sleep the night of. Or if the place is a dump you still have to stay there and then file a complaint, before waiting for a refund.

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That’s another area where Spotahome shines. They offer guaranteed fraud protection. The money you pay doesn’t get transferred to the landlord until 48 hours after you move in. Better yet, if the landlord cancels at the last minute, Spotahome will relocate you and help with any hotel costs as needed.

20% Off Bookings at Spotahome

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