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Review: Office Divvy – Palm Coast, FL

Palm Coast Florida may not jump off the map to most people around the world. The town has a population of less than 100,000, and it isn’t a big tourist destination like Orlando or Miami. Nonetheless, it is home to Office Divvy, a remote working community of startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

About Office Divvy

Office Divvy was founded in 2007 by remote entrepreneurs Lisa Ekinci, Sim Taing, and Ky Ekinci. It is one of the first coworking spaces opened in the United States, and their mantra is empowering entrepreneurs to deliver results. It is located in an office suite centrally between St. Augustine FL and Daytona Beach FL off of Interstate 95, making it a convenient location for those living in the area. I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Lisa, Ky, and the office manager, Michael Schottey, several times during community networking events and now their coworking space. They are incredibly passionate about what they do and want to offer a workspace that feels like a second home.

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First Impressions

The first words that came to mind about Office Divvy are quiet, warm and cozy– It felt very comfortable and luxurious like a home office. A staff member at the front desk greeted me, and after I checked-in, Michael, the office manager, gave me a tour of the space. The coworking space comes complete with approximately 12 hot seats and amenities such as Keurig coffee, bottled water, snacks, and cushy office chairs. I enjoyed eating hummus and pretzels and drinking coffee as I hustled that afternoon. I immediately felt high frequency and energized upon entering the space, and that positivity lasted with me throughout my experience.

Office Divvy offers a free one-day pass to potential members, which I took advantage of to visit for one day and review the space. At this time, a single day pass costs $29, and monthly coworking passes start at $149, making it a great value. Monthly member perks include free coffee and snacks, educational workshops and an official business mailing address. The staff at Office Divvy was very welcoming and accommodating, offering me coffee throughout my visit and giving me valuable insight into their business operations. Despite the small size and somewhat remote location, I found that Office Divvy had a lot of offer.

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The Coworking

There are two rooms with six hot seats each in the center of the building and the surrounding rooms around the perimeter are private offices. Despite the small number of open chairs, the desk space in each seat is ample. There are dividers between some of the chairs in one of the coworking rooms, and I was able to put all of my belongings into the allotted space on the desk with lots of elbow room to spare. Each workstation had an electrical outlet underneath, and office supplies, such as pencil, paper, markerboards, and a printer are available for use. I appreciated the ergonomic design of the workspace, including adjustable office chairs and the optimal height of the desk space, which helped me maintain excellent seated posture.

During my visit, I also received the opportunity to test out a private office room. It was very nice of the staff to let me try this out, and I used that time to make a Zoom video call. I admire that fact that Office Divvy tries to appeal to a wide audience ranging from solopreneurs to large business owners. Business owners can benefit from a dedicated office space that improves productivity and costs less than a traditional office rental. The private office spaces felt like a real executive suite and came furnished with a leather chair, desk storage, a printer, and a fabulous window view.

The Verdict

If you find yourself on the east coast of North or Central Florida, I recommend paying a visit to Office Divvy. The location of the coworking space itself is a bit problematic since the area is off of the beaten path, but I found it to be a hidden gem. There are still quite a few local restaurants to go to for lunch within a mile of the space, and I found this experience to be a relaxing day trip. Overall I liked the quiet and comfortable atmosphere, and it was a nice escape away from the crowded coworking spaces located in major population centers that I typically frequent. Office Divvy feels like a home away from home for remote workers, and I look forward to returning during my next trip to Florida.

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