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School of Travels: Expanding Your Community by Getting on the Road

What does travel have to teach us? How does travel change us? Join host Becky Gillespie as she dives into these questions and shares travel stories from the road. The School of Travels is not just a podcast but a community where listeners can share their travel stories and get tips from fellow listeners in “The School of Travels” Facebook community.

Lesson 28: Expanding Your Community by Getting on the Road with Web Designer, Writer, and Filmmaker Sergio Sala

Expanding your community after getting on the road is no easy feat. I am so excited to bring you my interview with web designer, writer, and filmmaker Sergio Sala. 

When Sergio started traveling, he didn’t know anyone else from Mexico that was traveling the world on their own like him. So he decided to write about his experiences working and living out of only one backpack (Sergio is a big believer in minimalism). The longer Sergio traveled, the more communities he found, and the more his skills expanded through speaking at conferences and venturing into new types of visual media. 

He is now reaching out to both Spanish- and English-speaking audiences through his writing and filmmaking. He’s also showing us how we can tap into different events and experiences around the world that can help us build our sense of community while on the road.  

Ways to Expand Your Community

There are so many things we didn’t even mention here including WiFi Tribe, Remote Year, Nomad Cruise (and I’ve actually just completed my first cruise), Nomad Train, and major coworking spaces around the world as ways to connect.

If you are interested in them, please check our website for this episode where we will also include the links for Sergio’s blog, Youtube channel, and Instagram. He really does make some amazing videos. My favorite is where he trains in kung fu with Shaolin monks in China. Check it out on his Youtube.

This week’s travel quote comes from Sergio himself: I really liked when he said that being “Digital nomad is about just having the option to be anywhere whenever you want”. 

Nomad can really just be being able to go to the next town over and stay for a week and then come back to your own home. Nomad can just mean traveling around your own city. 

Bottom Line

The point is that you have the freedom to travel where you want when you want. And that is the true freedom that Sergio has been writing about. This is really the freedom that being able to work in a place outside of an office is really all about.

What we cover in this episode:

  • Sergio’s packing tips for traveling effectively from one backpack, including it’s great to think about your “travel outfit”
  • Sergio’s journey from life in Tabasco, Mexico to a life on the road
  • Why Sergio thinks the world needs English as a global language
  • What “digital nomad” really means

Meet Sergio:

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