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Episode #4: Following Your Curiosity with Japanese Interpreter Yasuko Watanabe

In this episode, Japanese interpreter and translator Yasuko Watanabe, shares experiences of life as an on-board flight interpreter for United Airlines. She also discusses falling in love with France and Italy while traveling solo, how travel has helped her become more of an extrovert, and an interesting tip for how to find affordable accommodation around the world. I’ve listened to many podcasts and have never heard a Japanese woman speaking in English about traveling around the world, so I’m excited to bring you Yasuko’s perspective. Enjoy! 

Covered in this episode:

  • Having an inspiring family member who puts you in the travel mindset
  • Becoming more of an extrovert through traveling the world
  • Yasuko’s experience working as an on-board flight interpreter for United Airlines
  • A fantastic tip for cheap, safe accommodation around the world (not where you might think)
  • The place that has impressed Yasuko the most

Show Notes

Yasuko’s Food Blog: What I Eat Every Day in Japan

Monastery Stays

The Farmhouse Yasuko stayed at in Chianti, Italy

10 Monastery Stays Around the World

Yasuko’s Packing List

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