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The Future of Work & Life in the 15 Minute City

The European Coworking Assembly is hosting a webinar featuring a deep dive on the “15 Minute City”. Find out how coworking and coliving spaces are contributing to local ecosystems. And, how these once forgotten places offer people so many more options for where they can live.

What’s the 15 Minute City?

A concept developed in Paris by Professor Carlos Moreno, the 15 Minute City was far ahead of it’s (COVID-19) time. While one third of the world is still in lockdown and many others are avoiding large crowds and cities, the idea of being in close proximity of all life and work necessities has never been more popular. The 15 Minute City explores the idea of how local hubs of economic activity can develop.

With a decentralization of essential services, it’s now entirely possible to make walking or biking a priority mode of transport. Far before COVID-19, workers were facing pressures of an ever growing daily commute. Many having to choose living farther away from their downtown offices to afford housing.

Now that remote work is so prevalent, a combination of high speed internet, public spaces, coworking locations and coliving properties provide individuals greater choice as to where and how they can live.

What You’ll Learn

What is the “next normal”? Which dynamic changes in home and work life will await us post COVID-19? And while, these changes are happening, how you can take action and control by choosing a non traditional area to call home.

How to help kick start your local community. The businesses and governments that are embracing this new shift towards living where you want to live, rather than where you have to work.

Speakers include:

Bernie Mitchell – European Coworking Assembly

Laëtitia Vitaud – Founder of Welcome to the Jungle

Antonin Yuji Maeno – CoFounder & Designer at Cutwork Studio

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