Remote Workers Invited to Live in Paradise for a Year

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Barbados is offering the opportunity of a lifetime to remote workers! With borders reopening to visitors just yesterday, the country has an interesting incentive to convince foreigners to come live and work within the country. For a country that relies so heavily on tourism, this seems like a promising way to help get the country’s economy back on track. Barbados isn’t the only place to have remote worker incentives like this. There aren’t too many details regarding the program yet, but what we do know is the program allows you to stay and work remotely for a year.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to see actual data that backs up the many benefits of working remotely? In the technology industry especially, there are many personal benefits as well as cost benefits that come from this kind of work. Dice conducted a survey to find out how people really feel about remote work versus working in-office.

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Maybe you’ve been contemplating whether or not you should take a fun trip this summer. With additional vacation planning people are exploring their options for travel during COVID-19. Vacation rentals and Airbnbs are in high demand because they’re viewed as the safer option for travel right now. But are they really? Maybe so, maybe not… You can do your best to figure out how safe these options are by asking some certain questions.

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