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Lesson 32: Learning to Live the Life You Deserve and Trash Your Impostor Syndrome with Ashley Ambirge, Author of “The Middle Finger Project”

Ashley Ambirge grew up living in a trailer with her mother in Pennsylvania. By the time she was 21, she didn’t have a single family member remaining to help her navigate her way through life. Most people would’ve taken the safest path through life just to feel some sense of stability. But that is not the kind of person Ashley is. 

Through a lot of trial and error when most people her age were still living with their parents, Ashley realized that she was going to have to write her own rules to get through life, and a middle class life that would allow to “finally live in a house with stairs” wasn’t going to get her the financial and creative freedom necessary to thrive in our modern freelancer economy. Thus, The Middle Finger Project blog was born, which became a six-figure income after only a few short years and is now a one-woman internet empire. 

This week, Ashley has officially become a published author with “The Middle Finger Project”, which is now available wherever books are sold (to get it on Amazon, you can go here now). Join me for a conversation with Ashley, who is here to help us trash our impostor syndrome and live the creative life we deserve on our own terms.

What we cover in this episode:

  • How Ashley went from growing up poor in rural Pennsylvania to making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as a solopreneur all on the strength of her writing
  • Why you should try many things out in order to find what you truly love
  • Why you should think twice before going to grad school
  • What Ash’s new book “The Middle Finger Project” can teach us about living life on our own terms and trusting your own instincts
  • How traveling can give you a whole new perspective on life
  • Why you really need to visit Scotland

Meet Ashley:

  • Go and follow The Middle Finger Project blog here
  • Follow Ashley Ambirge on Instagram here
  • Most importantly, get Ashley’s book “The Middle Finger Project” right here on Amazon. You will not regret it.
picture of Ashley Ambirge
Ash Ambirge, The MIddle Finger Project Photography Photo credit: Heidi Hapanowicz

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