What does travel have to teach us? How does travel change us? Join us as we dive into these questions and share travel stories from the road with host Becky Gillespie, who has been traveling and living as an expat for over 10 years.

School is Now In Session

In this very first episode of The School of Travels podcast, host Becky Gillespie shares how she started her life of travel from the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio and all the things that travel to 60+ countries has taught her along the way including how studying abroad during university can truly change your life, how to handle moving to and living in a foreign country, how to stay flexible when dealing with travel setbacks, and how travel helps you form a network of traveling friends around the world.

What is covered in this episode:

  • The reason and goals for the School of Travels podcast
  • Meet podcast host Becky Gillespie and hear about her travel background from starting in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Becky’s financial plan during college that helped her achieve more travel freedom after university
  • How Becky’s summer study abroad experience changed her life
  • Becky’s job opportunity that led her to move to Tokyo, Japan

The School of Travels Podcast

The School of Travels podcast interviews people in many different stages of their travel experience from people taking their first trips outside of their hometowns to digital nomads who travel continuously. The series asks questions like: What inspires us to travel in the first place? Every Sunday, Coworkaholic will be sharing an episode from The School of Travels.

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