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Lesson 43: Starting Your Own Brewery in Japan with Sakamichi Brewing Cofounder Matthew Boynton

After working for many years in the English teaching industry in Japan, long-time friends Matthew Boynton and Dan Bellamy decided to take a chance and follow their passion for beer by opening their own brewery in Tokyo.

Not only did they have to navigate the complicated small-business infrastructure and regulations in Japanese in their local community and learn the ins and out of running their first business, but they also faced a potentially even bigger threat: opening right at the beginning of a pandemic.

So how did they do it? How did they go from teaching English to making beer? How is beer made? What is hop-diving? Why get into the beer industry in the first place?

We get to the bottom of all of these questions in this on-location episode with a bonus behind-the-scenes tour of Sakamichi Brewing! If you’re a beer enthusiast or always wondered what is involved in the beer-making industry, you won’t want to miss this episode!

What We Cover in This Episode

  • Why Matthew first came over to Japan and what he thinks of the culture
  • How Matthew switched from the English teaching industry to the beer industry in Japan
  • How Matthew and Dan started their own business (the brewery!) in Japan
  • The process for making beer and how a craft brewery really works behind the scenes
  • Get a tour of Sakamichi Brewing with Becky and Matthew
  • Why a strong network of friends is so important even in business

Meet Sakamichi Brewing

  • You can find Sakamichi Brewing’s Instagram here
  • To check out Sakamichi Brewing’s Facebook page, click here
  • Check out Sakamichi Brewing’s website here here.

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