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Lesson 38: Unplugging from the Matrix with Retreat Marketing Strategist Ella Cook

Have you ever thought about changing absolutely everything in your life and hitting the reset button? Two years ago, Ella Cook unplugged from the matrix, quit her comfortable life in Australia, left her fiancé, and sold all of her belongings to move to Bali.

In this open and honest interview, Ella reveals how she has finally made peace with herself and found a rhythm personally and professionally that has given her the strong foundation that she always needed and even helped her finally learn to surf! Join us in Bali and ride the waves with Ella in this episode of The School of Travels podcast.

What We Cover in This Episode

  • The power of getting really good at one thing and leveraging it to make more money
  • Getting the discipline to sit still and focus
  • What she realized by going through a breakdown and why it’s important to form a good relationship with yourself
  • Why it’s ok to ask for help
  • Ella’s huge mindset shift on relationships

Meet Ella

  • To check out Ella’s program for how to consistently fill your retreats and online programs, click here
  • You can find Ella’s Facebook group called The Alchemy of She here.
  • To follow Ella on Instagram, click here
  • “There is no playbook for this thing called life.” – Ella Cook

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