One of the reasons why we love coworking is due to how many different types of spaces there are! Today we’ve got a video tour of Relay Shop Spaces in Atlanta, GA!

Niche Coworking is the “New” Coworking

As coworking becomes more and more “mainstream” it only makes sense to see unique options pop up to serve specific needs. You’ve got locations that cater primarily to neighborhoods or options like Deskpass that allow you to use multiple spaces. One of the trends are for spaces to service specific fields like government contracting and even a space in Denver for the recreational marijuana industry!

Why do Drop Shippers Need Their Own Kind of Coworking?

Relay Shop Spaces is more than just a coworking space. It’s a business that shares office space, on site warehouse space and inventory storage, shipping services AND free marketing. Founded more out of need than launching a coworking space, Maire Rosa shares her story with us. Just like Enrich Coworking Community for Lawyers, Relay Shop Spaces provides a unique take on shared space for a specific industry: drop shippers and e-commerce businesses.

In the video tour, Maire shares how she began Relay Shop as an e-commerce business to send goods only available in the US to a network abroad. As her business took off, she quickly outgrew multiple houses, which led her to finding commercial space. Relay Shop Spaces offers all the perks of traditional coworking with added benefits of storage, shipping fulfillment and marketing.

The Evolution of Coworking: Relay Shop Spaces

This video was first posted on Coworkaholic’s YouTube Channel tour and took place during the 2017 QTLY Tour.

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