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We’re Looking For an Intern! Get Paid & Travel Anywhere in the World!

Still looking for a summer internship? Curious about what the future of work looks like? Want a RT plane ticket to anywhere in the world and back? Then this might be the opportunity for you…

Content & Social Marketing Internship – Summer 2019

Coworkaholic is a travel and lifestyle blog for the road warrior and digital nomad alike. For our audience, the world is their office: whether taking a conference call in an airport; meeting clients at a coffee shop; or closing a contract while sitting poolside. Founded by Mike LaRosa in 2015, we’re a source of news on coworking, inspiration to ditch coffee shops for the accelerated serendipity of coworking and tips on how to travel the world on points and miles.

In February 2019, Coworkaholic joined the BoardingArea network. Developed by the same people who founded some of the most popular business travel and frequent flyer websites on the Internet including InsideFlyer, FlyerTalk and SeatExpert, BoardingArea is home to the world’s biggest and best travel blogs: providing news, information and advice for frequent flyers to make the most of their travel.

Since joining BoardingArea, Coworkaholic has been growing by leaps and bounds and that means that now we need to add to the team! We’re looking for a self-starting, out-of-the-box thinking, hashtag posting, story telling, marketing mastermind to join our team for a Summer 2019 internship.

Are you:

  • Interested in learning how to travel the world on points and miles?
  • Curious about what the future of work looks like or considering creating a job of your own, rather than looking for an entry level role?
  • Looking for an internship that allows you to work anywhere in the world while offering you with workspace wherever you choose and a RT plane ticket to get you there and back?

Then this might be the opportunity for you…


What You’ll Be Doing

  • Assisting our Editor-in-Chief & Social Marketing Director with coordinating and scheduling content — stories, photos, videos, posts — for publishing on the web including blog posts, news features, email newsletters and social media platforms
  • Supporting our Publisher & Social Marketing Director in monitoring analytics, identifying trends and leading audience communication via DMs and email replies
  • Creating and editing graphic content and collateral
  • Contributing to team discussions, brain storms, sourcing of content and advertiser requests for proposals
  • Documenting your experience from departure take off, to your favorite coworking moment to final approach of your return flight

We’re a big believer in the power of intention. The goal of this internship is to support your career path by providing real work experiences while offering opportunities to explore interests and develop professional skills and competencies. You won’t be running errands for “the boss”, being assigned overly administrative tasks or sitting for hours at an empty desk waiting for direction.

The Skills We’re Looking For

At Coworkaholic, we embrace the belief that when it comes to knowledge, there are three truths:

  • What you know you know
  • What you know you don’t know
  • What you don’t know you don’t know

We’re not looking for someone who is a master of everything. As much as we want to see what you know, we want to understand what you don’t know and that you are aware of how and when to tell the difference. These are skills that will be necessary to successfully complete the required roles and responsibilities:

  • A desire to learn by asking questions and leaving their comfort zone
  • An interest in coworking, travel and the digital nomad/location independent lifestyle
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • The ability to think creatively and be innovative
  • Flexible availability, attention to detail and organization while managing multiple tasks
  • Professional & personal judgment and discretion
  • The willingness to complete repetitive tasks, no matter how boring they might seem
  • A working knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and MailChimp
  • A working knowledge of Canva or Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
  • A working knowledge of WordPress

The Experience We’re Looking For

We believe in the power of learning whether it be from the “School of Hard Knocks”, community college or university. While most candidates will either be a recent graduate or still in school, as long as you have a GED, past work experience is weighted above and beyond your education journey. Experience and interest in these fields will enable the candidate to successfully complete the required roles and responsibilities:

  • Communications
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Tourism Promotion


With any internship comes give and take. You’re looking for experience, adventure and opportunities. We’re looking for help. If selected for this position, you’ll receive:

  • One (1) RT economy class plane ticket
  • Access to coworking space
  • $500 USD monthly stipend, paid the 1st of the month

You will need to provide your own computer and smartphone/tablet.

Details & Disclaimer

Application Deadline: 23:59 May 19, 2019


Timing: June 1, 2019 – August 31, 2019

Work Schedule: Flexible Hours – 32 hr/week

The internship is related to an educational purpose and there is no guarantee or expectation that the activity will result in employment with the Coworkaholic.

The education received by the Intern from the internship is for the express benefit of the Intern.

The Intern does not replace or displace any employee of Coworkaholic.

The Intern will receive direct and close supervision by an appropriate supervisor.

Coworkaholic does not derive an immediate advantage from the activities performed by the Intern.

Intern is not entitled to wages or any compensation or benefits for the time spent in the internship.

Coworkaholic is not liable for injury sustained or health conditions that may arise for the unpaid intern during the course of the internship.

Coworkaholic may at any time in its sole discretion, terminate the internship without notice or cause. Should internship be terminated, intern will retain return airfare and be paid their stipend, pro-rated by week ($125 USD).

Transportation to and from the provided coworking location is the responsibility of the Intern.

Intern assumes all of the risks of participating in the internship program.

In consideration of the opportunity afforded to the Intern to participate in the internship program, Intern hereby agrees that he/she, his/her assignees, heirs, guardians, and legal representatives, will not make a claim against Coworkaholic or any of its affiliated organizations or any of its employees, for the injury of death to Intern or damage to his/her property, however caused, arising from his/her participation in the internship program

Intern hereby waives and releases any rights, actions, or causes or action resulting from personal injury or death to him/her, or damage to his/her property, sustained in connection with his/her participation in the internship program.


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