You might think that coworking spaces are just for startups, freelancers or digital nomads. Well…think again! More and more, enterprise companies (those with 1,000+ employees) are turning to coworking and shared/flex use office providers as an alternative to housing everyone in an HQ. If you’re a road warrior tired of working in hotels or coffee shops or a manager of a remote team, here’s 4 ways coworking can help your business!

Whether you need swing space to hold you over while in the middle of an office move, have remote employees that need a place to work or are looking to engage with potential new hires, I welcome you to book a tour today!

The Coworking Mindset with Kayley DiCicco

Five years ago I was the first employee hired at Novel Coworking. Today, I lead our National Accounts program for our 30+ locations in 22 cities and growing. Get in the ‘Coworking Mindset’ where I share tips and tidbits from lessons I’ve learned first hand experience about this ever-evolving industry.

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