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5 Key Etiquette Tips for Co-Workers in a Coworking Space

A coworking space is so much more than simply sharing an office with other workers. It is a bustling, thriving hub. A community of like-minded people that work flexibly together to collaborate in ways that go beyond a normal office. Whilst it is very much a lifestyle choice, there can be problems if all parties do not follow the code of conduct. To help with that, we have written this article with our top five etiquette tips to help make coworking a success: 


1. Watch Your Volume

Normal office spaces require you to keep the noise down while you are working, or at the very least be aware of the fluctuating noise levels. In a coworking space, there are many different businesses working on varying projects, so things can get distracting. If you are leading an exciting meeting, think about a private room to minimise disruption to others. Listening to music while working can be fun but consider headphones to keep the surroundings pleasant for others. 

“Get to know your coworkers and you will have a feel for the appropriate noise levels for the space,” says Owen Reeves, a coworking blogger at and “If people are chatting and listening to music openly, then you are free to do the same.”

2. Stick to the Schedule

One of the many benefits that draw many freelancers to sign up for coworking spaces is because they have access to conference rooms where you can brainstorm, hold meetings or even get some quiet time to concentrate. It can be frustrating when people stay in the room belong their allotted time, as this stops others who have paid for that space from using it. 

If you are using a shared space, try to keep to your booked time to avoid tensions with the other workers sharing the office. Likewise, try to avoid booking conference rooms “just in case” you might need them, and be sure to cancel your room booking if the meeting it cancelled. This stops the room from lingering empty when someone else could have used it.

3. Independence

You will have to learn to be independent in a coworking space, as there won’t be anyone to show you around and train you on the equipment. To help the other workers and staff in the space, try to be as self-sufficient as possible. 

“There might be a community manager or front desk to ask questions, but the more independent you can be the better,” suggests Abigail White, a freelance writer at and “If you need something in particular, like a wi-fi code or something plugged in, try to solve the problem yourself first before interrupting other people.”

4. Keep Workspaces Tidy

Because workers come and go in the office across the day, it is really important that everyone honours the space and keeps it clean and tidy. One of the quickest ways to frustrate your co-workers is to leave a messy desk behind, so take those empty coffee mugs and rubbish with you when you go. 

If the space is environmentally friendly, be sure to honour this by sorting your rubbish before throwing it away. Log off computers promptly at the end of your allotted time and wipe down surfaces to leave them shiny and clean for the next person. If you get into the habit of leaving your desk in a pleasant state that others would be happy to find, then you will find yourself being welcomed into the space by others.

5. Collaboration

One of the best selling points of a coworking space for people who don’t know what they are is the ability to collaborate creatively with others. When you first join a space, make time to get to know the other people who work there, let them know about your business and find out more about theirs. Approaching them with a friendly attitude will help you to grow your network and encounter new business opportunities. 

All coworking spaces are individual and will have their own differences, but you will be able to get a good feel for how to behave, once you get to know the community, the space and the type of work being carried out. With the advice in this article, you will be able to enhance your coworking experience and show the utmost respect for your coworkers.

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