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A Coworking Membership is More Affordable Than You Think

One of the most quoted reasons why people choose working from home or a cafe over a coworking space is cost. Going out on your own as a freelancer or starting a business can be stressful enough. Adding to those expenses by paying for office space might not seem worth it. Even if studies say coworking is more than just a place to work.

Financing Your Coworking Expenses

Whether you need a single desk or a private office, most coworking spaces require a deposit. That’s where Salaryo comes in. It’s really quite simple. You apply on their website, enter your estimated deposit, Salaryo pays it in full and you make a monthly payment. You can cancel any time, there are no hidden interests and no extra fees.

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If you’ve already paid your deposit, but could use that money in your bank account, Salaryo also covers that, for a small monthly fee.

Alternatives to a Single Coworking Membership

Paying for a dedicated desk can cost anywhere from $300-700. Private offices usually don’t start for less than $450. That’s fine if you are in one place for a full month, but more and more of us are always on the go. It might seem silly to pay $30 for a day pass or $300 for a dedicated desk when you’re only there for 7-10 days a month.

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That’s one of the many reasons why I’m such a big fan of Deskpass, or other flexible booking membership apps like Croissant or Spacious. Deskpass offers access to over 250+ spaces in cities like Boston and Miami.

You Can Also Get (almost) FREE Coworking…

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One of the biggest (and in my opinion, best) updates to the AMEX Platinum Business card this past year is the free year of coworking at WeWork. Even though the annual cost increased from $450 t0 $595, the total benefits can be worth over $7,000. Another hack if you’re often in different cities or need to book few days, is to get your first day free at any space you book on Coworker.com!

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